Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A few things

1. Wade Robson, you scare me. Anytime I see a routine you choreograph, I have to change the channel because I will have a nightmare. It's the music you choose, the strange makeup, and the funky dancing- all of it. I just don't like it. Get off my shows.
2. Mr. Sasha, please learn about the concept of time. When I am in a hurry in the AM, please don't decide that you need to spend 8 minutes re-threading the laces in The Politician's new shoes, because seriously, I put those shoes on him last night to go to the mall, and the laces were fine. Also, if you tell me you will run to the kitchen to get The Wild Child's milk, please don't stop to check your CrackBerry. Email can totally wait until your spawn's thirst has been quenched.
3. Doctor who lasered my face, you rock! Now that the scabs are coming off and I am starting to look more normal and less like I have a communicable disease, I totally think the $325 you charged me is going to be worth it! An offshoot of this is that I will probably be seeing for you for a lot of stuff, especially if you continue to send me emails with offers of 50% off of various procedures. If I start to look like Tabitha Stevens, though, you must stop me.
4. Hershey Company, stop it. Why in the world would you start selling your Christmas candy now? I was all prepared to start eating the Candy Cane and Cherry Cordial kisses in November, but October? You are just a money whore and it's pissing me and my weight loss off.
OK, I think that'll do it- have a super day! If the sun ever comes out, I will try to take a pic of my face so you can see the progress. I finally figured out that my camera focuses much better on macro if I don't use the flash.


clemsongirlandthecoach said...

candy cane kisses are the bane of my existence. that and peppermint lattes...

Smoochiefrog said...

Sasha back off Wade, he's my boy! The TOTAL BOMB! I will tell you that Charlie just shook his head and wondered why on earth I liked such a freak. Freak lover, yup that's me.

Long live Wade!!!!


Sasha said...

Tina, you should totally know I think he's hot. I just don't like the Cirque stuff. Too dark for me, you know, since I'm trying to lighten up these days and not be so negative!