About Sasha

Sasha is: the name of the bird in Peter and the Wolf, a name in a romance story her mom read in a woman's mag while pregnant, and often mis-pronounced (Sash-uh, if you don't know by now!)

Sasha does: accounting but longs to paint nails all day

Sasha can: tap dance, remember names and random details like nobody's business, research the hell of out things on the internet, and can hop out of bed 3 minutes before the alarm goes off.

Sasha loves: her husband, her kiddos, an ice-cold can of Coca-Cola first thing in the AM, tiramisu, her momma van, running, and all things beauty.

Sasha hates: being hot, being sick, green food, the feeling of her bare feet on sheets, and being wrong.

Sasha eats: oh-so-terribly. Lots of carbs, processed food, and other evil yummy stuff with a little yogurt tossed in for good measure. Oh, and Neiman Marcus bars (they *are* a food group).

Sasha smells: like not much of anything, seeing as how she's self-diagnosed herself with SPD- Olfactory Dysfunction- Hypersensitivity To Smells (Over-Responsive). Fun stuff, huh? It's all unscented-this and unscented-that and don't-you-dare-cook-that-crabmeat-in-my-house.

Sasha hears: Led Zeppelin, The Doors, a little country, and Sophie Kinsella books on tape while she runs.

Sasha watches: too much TV! Scandal, Nashville, Dallas, Modern Family, How I Met Your Mother, Top Chef, Big Brother, and terribly misses Alias, Veronica Mars, October Road, and What About Brian. And she refuses to watch the Real Housewives of anywhere just on principal.

Sasha reads: Glamour magazine (every.single.issue for over 20 years!), parenting books, SPD books, anything by Sophie Kinsella, US magazine and TV Guide.

Sasha believes: in God, the power of beer, that you can never have too many lipsticks, and that tomorrow is always another day.