Thursday, August 30, 2007


Frequently, The Politician sprinkles some Spanish in his conversation, and I am just lost. See, because it seemed so cool, I chose to take French in high school, and to be honest, I have absolutely nothing to show for it. Other than my French name was Nicole, which was so much easier to say than Sasha (Sash-uh, not Sosh-uh, in case you are wondering). But I digress.

Anyway, last night:

The Politician: Momma, can I watch Yo-key-asa (imagine a Spanish accent)?

Sasha: Hmm.... I don't think I know what that is. Did you learn that in Spanish class today?

TP: No, Momma, Yo-key-ah-sa.

Sasha: Well, like I said, Politician, I don't know what that is. We have George, The Wiggles, Tigger and Pooh... will any of those work?

TP: No, Momma, that won't work.

Suddenly, it hits me. He means Yo Gabba Gabba, and I silently curse TV Guide.

Backstory: On Saturday morning, The Wild Child, The Politician and I were sitting in the dining room eating breakfast (pancakes for them, yogurt and a Coke for me) and I was flipping through last week's TV Guide (I'm always a week or so behind). The had a little article on what they said was this new kids show involving music and cool bands on Nick or Noggin or such called Yo Gabba Gabba. I'm a sucker for a music show because I have this vision of The Politician being a drummer in a cool rock band and Mr. Sasha and I travelling around with him and me being all "I'm With the Band".

So I set my Tivo for a season pass for this darn show, and by damn, turns out it's as annoying as it's gets. And of course the kids love it. Elijah Wood is on there (???) and some DJ guy who I don't know because I avoid any Bllboard chart that has songs on it that include the word "Featuring" in the name of the artist. Sidebar: I just imdb-d him and I still don't know who he is, although Biz Markie appears to be a part of the cast.....

Anyway, stay away from this show or you'll have "Snacky snack snack snack snack, snacky snack snack snack SNACK!" in your head all day.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

If I like a TV show, you can bet it will be cancelled

Veronica Mars - I totally have a girl crush on Kristen Bell, and actually on Veronica Mars the character too. Absolutely my favorite show ever. The whole noir thing was cool, and the Logan angst took me back to 1992.

The Class - Normally Mr. Sasha and I are not into 30 minute sitcoms. We've liked Andrea Anders since she was on Joey, so when we heard she was on this one, we gave it a try- and loved it!

What About Brian- I love me some Barry Watson. Especially after The Haircut. Such a great show that Mr. Sasha and I watched together- he actually discovered this one. Witty sarcasm is what made this show great and we loved the whole Dave-Deena thing. It was like The OC for grown-ups.
Alias - What can I say? I know, I know, this show totally jumped the shark when Nadia was revealed to be Syd's sister, but before that? Best show on TV. Kept me on TWOP often. I was all about the spoilers, and the whole Rambaldi thing, and SD-6.... Good stuff.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Just in case I do have some readers

Go here and vote for entrant 47860. See Ashley's Closet for all the sordid details- but basically there was some major BBC drama (what else is new) and now we all need to vote for the Little Kid to win- I think the contest is over tomorrow, so vote today!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Ebates double bonus offer

Right now, if you follow this link, ebates is doubling their normal bonus, and will be giving $10 to everyone that signs up through this link and makes a purchase (I'll get $10 too). Normally, it's $5, so this is a great time to sign up if you haven't already!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

This is just terrible

Damn M&Ms just came out with a new flavor. RaZZberry. Damn them. They are spectacular. Consider yourself warned. This is almost as bad as Candy Cane Kisses.

Side-effects of being a mom

So pretty often The Politician says something so fraking hilarious, I think, "I'll have to write about this on my blog! He is just as funny as The Big Kid!"

Night before last, Mr. Sasha and I choked at the dinner table because we were trying to hard not to laugh in his face.

But here's the thing- I totally forgot what he said. Can't even remotely remember what the situation was. And I've done that probably 5 times in the last week. This kid should be on Letterman, and I'm serious, but because I am barely keeping it all together, I can't recap the moment for you.

Here's one funny thing I can remember, because it happens each time we have pasta with red sauce, which is once a week or so because The Politician is the Carbohydrate Kid. Anytime, and I mean anytime, we have pasta with red sauce, The Politician strips off his shirt before coming to the table. Without prompting. Long ago, I got sick of doing laundry and all the steps it takes to remove stains, so I started taking his shirt off when we were having anything stain-ish, in an effort to save myself some time. I am now wondering if this is going to be a bad habit to break and if he is going to striping off his shirt when he goes to his girlfriend's house for dinner the first time in 2019.

So maybe the other stories will come back to me, but there are no promises. Because I will probably forget that I forgot.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Notes from School

So The Politician came home from school with this note yesterday:

"The Policitican continues to do well. He is having trouble about inside and outside play. We will work on that." (Note that this is word for word.)

So I ask the teacher who is on duty when I pick him up, and she had no idea what this means, because it was written by the lead teacher, who leaves at nap time, and they didn't talk about this before she left.

OK, so I'm left to dissect this on my own. First you tell me he is doing well. Then you tell me he is having trouble pretty much all day (inside AND outside). So which is it, doing well or having trouble??????? I am quite bothered by this, and actually lose a little bit of sleep over this, and since I suffer from insomnia (damn melatonin is NOT working), sleep is a precious commodity that I am not willing to part with.

So I take the opportunity this AM to ask the lead teacher exactly what she meant, and it turns out he is having trouble keeping his inside play and outside play activities separate. He is evidentally using his outside voice inside, running inside, climing on furniture, etc.

Doesn't sound like a big deal to me. Sounds like a 4 year old boy........

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

My sense of smell must be hereditary

I must tell you that I have a crazy sense of smell.

I can't wear perfume or strongly scented lotion because smelling the same smell for any length of time makes me sick at my stomach.

I am also very sensitive to food smells- for instance I have forbidden Mr. Sasha from ever again cooking in my kitchen anything that swims. He cooked some salmon last year that I could smell for 2 weeks every time I walked in the house. I also can't throw away any food wrappings in my office trashcan at work because again, smelling popcorn for 4 hours will make me gag, so I have to cart all my food-related trash to the breakroom trashcan.

Anyway, the night we got back from Boston it was really late and the kids were asleep. The next morning The Politician came into our bedroom and crawled in bed between us. He sleepily said "Momma, you smell like Boston."

WTH? What does Boston smell like?

And just the other day, I got in bed with him for a bit to snuggle before he went to sleep, and he said "Momma, you smell like Mimi."

So I smell 58? Must have been my skincare routine. Time for some new moisturizer.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

So you guys know about ebates, right?

I'm assuming that everyone on the internet knows about ebates, but maybe that's a crazy assumption. I mean, there was a day that I heard about it and was like "Wow, what a great deal!" Since signing up, I've gotten over $100 in checks from ebates. So here's the referral info, just because someone might now know, and hey, I can always use another $5. But you get $5 too!

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So who am I, and what's this all about?

It's funny- I got into blog reading a few months ago, but I just noticed that most of the blogs I am reading belong to stay at home moms. Which is fine and I truly enjoy reading them, but I haven't seen many (any?) blogs written by moms like me.

Moms that work full-time outside of the home, and have so much going on that some days they feel like it's all going to crashing down on them at any moment. Moms who just can't get ahead of the game and have a constant running to do list because oh my gosh, we are ALWAYS running out of something! Moms that forget to take clean blankets to school on Mondays, forget to give $1 for the pizza party to the teacher, forget to pick up the cleaning, forget to buy an anniversary card, forget to gas up......

Moms that haven't printed out pictures in six months, haven't even touched the baby book for baby #2 who is now 19 months old, didn't write down the days all those teeth popped out, and didn't even know the answer when the nurse asked yesterday at The Politician's 4 year old check-up if he could draw a person with three body parts.

You get the picture. So I'll represent all the moms who are trying to do it all, but really only getting about half of it done..... Cause I can't be the only one of us out there.

So that's the background, and where the title came from. Cause that's me, Barely Keeping It All Together. (and sashasays was already taken.....)

Monday, August 13, 2007

4 years ago today.....

I was 36 weeks pregnant and delivering my first child. My water had broken the night before, just minutes after crawling in bed and telling Mr. Sasha, "I am SO tired of being pregnant." Seriously, just minutes after I uttered that phrase, I felt a POP and realized my water broke.

Of course, I had not packed a bag. So I sat on the toilet and told Mr. Sasha what to pack, and of course we forgot a million things that he had to make several trips home for over the next few days.

Honestly, I don't remember much of those first few days of The Politician's life. His first APGAR was only a 3 and he had a little trouble with the whole suck/swallow/breathe thing and actually stopped breathing right after he was born. So he spent some time in the NICU.
Luckily, this is a happy-ending story where I tell you that we were able to take him home when I checked out two days later.

The Politician has grown to be such a joy- he's funny, sometimes very serious and says some hilarious stuff (he showed the ped today where his esophagus was), and boy can he work the room. You can just see his wheels turning, although he has not yet learned the art of asking parent #2 the same question out of earshot of parent #1 in an effort to get his preferred response. I know that I'll blink and he'll be in high school......

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Someone should have asked ME before they discontinued.....

Origins Bite Your Lips in Just Bitten Raspberry - My mainstay lipstick for quite a while. I loved it because it was MLBB (My Lips But Better - tm Makeup Alley) and it didn't run into the little lines around my mouth. When they discontinued it, I found.......

Delux Tintstick in Dot - which is also now discontinued! I found three tubes at Ulta a few months ago for $3 each rather than the normal $14, so I snatched them up. I don't know what I'll do when they are gone. Ebay, I suppose.

C2 - The half-sugar version of Coke. This tasted so close to the flavor of the full-sugar version, you didn't even miss those 70 or so calories. Stupid local Coca-Cola bottlers.... if you'll make at least one 12 pack per week, Mr. and Sasha and I will buy it!
OPI Chile O Caliente nail polish - The best color ever, and now I have to resort to buying it on ebay. I've been exclusively wearing this on my toes for a few years now, and have no idea what I will do when the supply on ebay is exhausted.

Clinique Shadow liner in a brown shade - I can't remember the exact name, but it was so nice and went on so smooth and blended so well.

Seriously, these are all awesome products, and what the hell happened??????? I am every marketer's dream, as I buy all new products just once, just to try them out. But when I find something I repeat buy, that's a big thing. So if any of my non-readers have any of this lying around, email me and we can work something out!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

30 things about me

  1. I have an irrational fear of those moving circular door things (revolving doors???)- can't use them
  2. I am a cat person
  3. I do not like dogs, except LaVerne the golden retreiver
  4. I am not a fan of flowers being sent to me, I am way too thrifty
  5. However, I always carry Coach purses, because I figure my general thriftness balances out with my luxury items I can't live without
  6. I have to take my showers in the morning- I totally don't mind going to bed dirty
  7. I must have a canned Coke (full sugar version) to drink while I am getting ready in the AM- it's my coffee
  8. I don't eat anything green unless it contains sugar (green jello, green candy, etc)
  9. In fact, I don't eat any veggies except potatoes
  10. I could subsist on Skittles and Starburst
  11. My two baby toes are quite big because I have broken both of them, both times while drunk
  12. I can't drink wine because I get way drunk way fast and my face turns beet red after one sip
  13. However, I can drink me some beer
  14. I have a masters degree and am a CPA
  15. I am an only child
  16. So I made sure I did not have an only child because it is way too lonely growing up
  17. My dad is adopted
  18. I met Mr. Sasha first semester of my freshman year in college
  19. I was in a sorority, and served as VP my junior year
  20. I can tap dance
  21. I cannot do a cartwheel because I can't get that last hand off the ground
  22. I tend to get semi-obsessed with weight and most likely had an eating disorder in high school
  23. I am 5'2"
  24. My all-time favorite TV show is Friends
  25. I love reality TV
  26. I speed read and never actually read all the words- usually just the first and last sentence of each paragraph
  27. I freak out a little on Sunday afternoons after I read the Target, CVS and Walgreens circulars because I am overwhelmed by the deals I must take advantage of
  28. I most often spend my lunch hour running errands rather than relaxing
  29. I long for pretty straight hair that looks fashionable
  30. Really, I just wish I was a little bit cool