Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Wednesday!

I know this isn't my nail blog, but I just had to share this mani I did yesterday using the China Glaze Poolside collection! Isn't that bright and summery! I am loving this warm weather we are having.

Oh- if you haven't already, stop by my giveaway blog- I have a Smashbox lipgloss that I'm giving away.

Monday, March 29, 2010


That's what I've got to say. A big fat nothing.

I'm home nursing a cold today. Hope you are doing well!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rave: Woolite Oxy Deep Carpet Cleaner

Have you ever spilled a glass of Cranergy on your off-white non-stain resistant carpet? (cough cough) Woolite Oxy Deep will rescue you! It was like watching a commercial- as I sprayed it, the stain really disappeared!

So if y'all are messy or have kids, rush rush rush to the store and getcha some!

Disclosure: I paid for this with my own hard earned moolah and Woolite has no idea who I am. They did not send me a product or ask for my opinion. But I'm sure givin' it.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Music Monday 3-22-10

I'll be heading to Target later today, and I think I need to pick up Lady Antebellum's newest CD because I absolutely love "Need You Now".

What are you listening to today? Head over to Hair Bows & Guitar Picks and join in!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Pam's a Mommy Blogger!

Office Fans, how cool is this? Just discovered that Pam's a Mommy Blogger too. Think I should put her over in Friends In My Head?

The Babysitters Club

Did you read The Babysitters Club series back in the day? I did and was so excited to read in the Wall Street Journal today that they are being re-released on beginning April 1 and there will even be a prequel book (which I am totally ordering!)
I need to see if my mom still has all my books and add them to my bookshelf with my entire hardback Nancy Drew Series. I hope so much that WC likes to read like I did.
Disclosure: This post contains an Amazon referral link.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thirsty Thursday: 3-18-10

Hair Bows & Guitar Picks is hosting Thirsty Thursday today, and how perfect, seeing as how I enjoyed a few beers last night in celebration of St. Patrick's Day.
Yesterday afternoon, we met some friends at a local Irish pub for a few drinks and I enjoyed one of my new finds, Harp Lager.

Do you have any new beer finds to share with me?

Dear Casey James,

If I don't blow-dry and straighten my hair, it looks just like yours!


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Just Got Another $5 Amazon Giftcard at Swagbuck

Are you doing Swagbucks? You can earn Amazon $5 gift cards pretty easy. Join in!

And after you join in, read the Swagbucks blog entry today to get clues to a code for today. Hurry- it expires at 11:30 pacific time today.

Monday, March 15, 2010


The Wild Child cried when she saw the dinner I made tonight. I cried when I saw the mess they made in my bedroom. Everybody's mad at somebody (note that the hubs and I are not mad at each other), there's pinching and pushing going on, and refereeing round 2 and 3 is not leaving much time for fun stuff like this blog and catching up on Project Runway.

WC also was offended that I offered her a Little Debbie Easter Egg marshmallow thing. I was quite offended that she took one bite and didn't finish it, because they simply rock and only come round once a year and damn, I had to brave Big Lots to get them, and they are not waste-able.

Which by they way, I found tons of good stuff there in the health/beauty section. You should check it out.

But back to the topic- seems I am doing this parenting thing all wrong and I am about to give up and move to Bulgaria. Or the beach. Yeah, that's most likely a more pleasing choice.

Wonder if I can get wireless Internet at the beach???????

OPI Giveaway at Manicure Mommas

OPI Pearl of Wisdom
OPI Jade is the New Black

Do you follow my nail blog? If not, you may not have seen that we are giving away two of the new OPI Hong Kong collection shades.... They are so pretty!

Head over to Manicure Mommas and enter.

Music Monday

Y'all, I LOVE music. The right song can change my mood so fast, it's incredible.

Right now I'm listening to Blake Shelton's Can't Afford To Love You from his new CD. It't upbeat, catchy, and just darn cute.

What are you listening to today? Head over to Hair Bows & Guitar Picks and join in!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thirsty Thursday 3-11-10

Hair Bows & Guitar Picks is hosting Thirsty Thursday today, and of course I'm joining in. Today she posted something absolutely fabulous that you must check out- it's so fabulous I think I'll be making it for our neighborhood poker tourney coming up on the 27th.
One of our fabulous neighbors, in fact, introduced me to one of my favorite new drinks- a Chocolate Covered Cherry. For our neighborhood Chili Cookoff a few months ago (we have fun neighbors, huh?), I carried over a bottle of Lindemans Framboise.

It looks like wine, pours like a beer with a little foam, and goes down so easy with no bitter aftertaste. Oh how I love thee. It's a raspberry lambic and I guarantee you'll love it.
But I digress.... when I walked in with my bottle, my neighbor said, "We love that too! Have you ever mixed it half and half with chocolate stout?" Of course I had not, but I indulged and it was so so good. You totally need to give it a try.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Yay for Spring!

Woo woo! It's spring as far as I'm concerned. The sun is out, I am wearing short sleeves, and my favorite spring candle is back in stock at Walmart!

The Febreze Winds & Springtime candle is absolutely, hands-down, the best candle I have ever purchased. I found it last spring and bought out the store, and have been (im)patiently waiting for them to come back.

Roughly $5 (and you can usually find a $1 coupon in the P&G Brand Saver insert), they're quite a bargain. The glass is nice and thick and feels expensive and there is no label attached to the glass- it looks pricey! The color is a gorgeous shade of pale green, and the scent is FANTASTIC and I feel bad each time I have to blow it out. Febreze promises up to 30 hours of burn time, and they're no kidding. These last forever and burn down cleanly and evenly.

What signals spring for you?

Disclosure: I purchased this candle with my own hard-earned cashola.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Paging a Decorator

I need some help, y'all. Yesterday my good friend Elaine posted about her darling ideas for her little girl's new bedroom, and I just died looking at all her fabulous ideas. She is so talented!

And I got a little sad. See, I'm no decorator. I have no style. I have no ideas. So here is where you can help.

Do you have any ideas on something to spruce up my bedroom? We just repainted over the ugly mint green that had been on the walls when we moved in almost 10 years ago. (Shut up.) It's now a nice neutral taupe and it looks so much better and I absolutely love it!

But we need something over the bed and something above the nightstands. I have seen all the adorable decals people are doing on their walls, but note that our walls are very textured and not at all smooth, so I don't believe those will work.

Here is a close-up of our bedding.

Any ideas for me? Links, online stores, easy stuff I can pick up?


Friday, March 5, 2010

Dear OnStar,

This is really getting ridiculous.

Every mother-truckin' time I hear one of your commercials on the radio, I cry. Today's commercial was a woman who had just been in a car accident crying that her (I'm assuming elderly) mom's leg was hurt and she was telling her mom "Mom, sit up! Sit up!".... and OnStar asked if she could see the other car and the lady says "I don't know... they are in a ditch."

The commercials ends with sirens and the OnStar dude telling her "Help is on the way."

But I'm left crying, wondering what happened with her mom's leg??????? Is Grandma OK??????

Make it stop!



Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thirsty Thursday 3-4-10

Hair Bows & Guitar Picks is hosting Thirsty Thursday today, and of course I'm joining in.

Last night the hubs stopped off at a random convenience store on his way home and found 18 packs of MGD 64 for $9! So of course he picked up two for me.....

That's my man.

If You Take a 6 Year Old To Walmart

If you take a 6 year-old to Walmart, he is sure to find lots of interesting things to add to the cart.

The Politician saw these out of the corner of his eye yesterday and got super-excited, and of course I agreed to purchase them, seeing as how they were ADORABLE.

The marshmallows are like those you find in cereals, which I love, and of course there are both chocolate and honey graham fish.

Like any good snacker, we opened the package up on the way home and indulged. I was a little worried about the nutrition info, but I just looked it up and 54 pieces is 3 points, which is not bad at all.


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Holy Crap

Look who's following me on Twitter as of yesterday..... Spencer Pratt! Do you think he read this post?