Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rave: Woolite Oxy Deep Carpet Cleaner

Have you ever spilled a glass of Cranergy on your off-white non-stain resistant carpet? (cough cough) Woolite Oxy Deep will rescue you! It was like watching a commercial- as I sprayed it, the stain really disappeared!

So if y'all are messy or have kids, rush rush rush to the store and getcha some!

Disclosure: I paid for this with my own hard earned moolah and Woolite has no idea who I am. They did not send me a product or ask for my opinion. But I'm sure givin' it.


Natalie said...

OOOH. Good to know. We're getting rid of our carpet problem in the living room & getting much needed hardwood floors. BUT we stil have some nasty stains on the stairs. Did you know once you get FLARP on carpet, it's virtually impossible to get up? Yeah, neither did I until last year. The stuff is now bannded from our house.

Slim said...

ha! liked the review but LOVED the disclaimer. MYM!

Lesli said...

Oh.. thanks for the tip.. LOVE a good product that actually works!

Anonymous said...

This is perfect timing!!!! Wine in the carpet is such a beating! Oh Girl! How timely.

I have tried salt, Basic H...pretty much everything friends have told me about.

I am rushing out to get this product.

Thank you from the bottom of my stain!

Thankful in Oklahoma

Cornelia said...

Thanks! Maybe it will work on last night's chocolate milk spill.

Bonnie @ House of Grace said...

Thanks for sharing!!!