Monday, March 22, 2010

Music Monday 3-22-10

I'll be heading to Target later today, and I think I need to pick up Lady Antebellum's newest CD because I absolutely love "Need You Now".

What are you listening to today? Head over to Hair Bows & Guitar Picks and join in!


Jill said...

I just bought that one myself a week or so ago. Also loving: Keith Urban: Defying Gravity, Crazy Heart Soundtrack and Zac Brown Band: The Foundation

Anonymous said...

I love them! I love the new song "American Honey'!

sprinkles said...

I HATE any and all country music. The radio station I listen to has been playing this song and Taylor Swift almost non-stop. I realized today that I really need to start listening to another station. It's like they worship Lady Antebellum and Taylor Swift or something, as often as they play them both. One day the DJ asked people to call in and discuss what this song was about. During discussions, he'd play bits and peices of the song. Ugh! I turned the radio off after awhile. Sorry, I just really hate any kind of country music.