Friday, February 29, 2008

Weekend Plans

I was just thinking about my NLP:RD, and noticed tomorrow is Suds It Up Saturday! Yay! I'm with Mr. Ashley, tomorrow is going to be all about beer.

First, we are taking The Wild Child for a photo shoot (doesn't that sound better than sitting?) for her 2 year old pics (shut up- I know her birthday was two months ago).

Then the whole fam damnily is off to the 4 year old soccer game, where I am sure to spend the whole time chasing The Wild Child and keeping her from interrupting neighboring soccer games.

After that, or maybe during that, I will surely need a beer or three.

Also, I am totally rehabbing myself starting right this very second from The Spray (Afrin) so I may need me some moonshine to get through the withdrawal. Coming off of it is a bitch, but it's my favorite remedy to the common cold, so it's a necessary evil.

I'll let you know how it all goes. Or if you don't hear from me, you'll know it didn't go well.

Sharing the Love!

I recently won the most fabulous prize from one of my favorite people, Traci Anne at Hello Darling. I was one of the winners of her Pay It Forward giveaway.

I got my package on Monday, and had grand plans of taking a fab pic to post ASAP with my excitement. But, just as things normally go for me, it did not go as planned. I kept forgetting to bring my camera to work, then I forgot the stuff the next day, then I had to eat the candy bar because it just looked SO yummy.... Basically, I just suck.

But then I saw the above pic of the goodies on Carrie Lea in the City and I asked ohsosweetly if I could snag her pic! She was a dear and gave approval!


  • An NYC post card
  • CD with "Hello Darling Chill Mix"
  • An Aero bar, a British (of course!) candy bar that was delish
  • Dr. Pepper Lip Smacker
  • and 5 precious buttons, my favorite being "Sephora is my motherland"

Thanks Traci Anne! It was so fun to open!

So now I'll share the love and make up little goodies packages for three of my awesome readers! Just leave a comment and I'll stick you in the drawing I will do Sunday night at 9 pm CST. Fun!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Short update... more later

1. Went to Starbucks last night to meet a friend for a little chit chat session, and Sweet Niblets, I just discovered The. Best. Drink. Ever. (I'm not a coffee gal, BTW.)

Tall White Hot Chocolate, no fat, with whip.

Did I do that right? Delish. I'm turning into ClemsonGirl and may just be their best customer now.

2. Currently trying out the new Tide Smart Dry Hangers. I picked up two packs (they come two hangers to a package for about $4) at Wal-Mart the other day because Mr. Sasha is always complaining that his shirts that I hang dry have little hanger puckers on the shoulder. Actually, I always catch him licking his fingers and rubbing the hell out of the mark, as if that's going to make a difference.... So maybe this will solve that nasty problem. I'll let you know.

More later on my surprise package that came in the mail from Hello Darling! It made my day and I want to share the love......

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Running Update

I think you guys know I swear by the Couch to 5K Plan, and even have it in spreadsheet form (remember I'm a CPA and love excel!) that I've emailed to a million (at least!) people over the past 2 years. Hopefully you saw my post about how Mr. Sasha lost an amazing 60 pounds with the help of the C25K. He was hot before, but you should see him now. Seriously, go see him now.

I first completed the plan after the birth of The Politician in 2003 and was able to get 10 pounds below my pre-baby weight. I ran my first 5K in April 2004 with a time of 34:30.

I had to take a break from running when I got pregnant with The Wild Child in 2005 and had another difficult pregnancy. In fact, I had to continue to take blood pressure medicine until she was 5 months old, and that wore me out so bad that I didn't take up running again seriously until late summer 2006. Once again, I turned to the Couch to 5K.

My most recent goal was to get below 30 minutes in a 5K. I did that twice in 2007 and was so proud!

I have a few 5Ks I'll be running in this spring, and in mid-April I'll be running my first 10K as a leg of a marathon relay I am doing with some of my college sorority sisters.

I've been working on distance recently and am up to about 4.5 miles. In March I want to take it to 5 miles, and by the beginning of April be consistently running 6 miles. Yay me!

So how is it going for you guys?

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I am re-posting this explanation of The Wild Child's Hemangioma for PickleLovingPrincess.

Above is a picture of the hemangioma on The Wild Child's arm at 5 weeks old. I wasn't thinking this was going to be that big of a deal, so I actually don't have any pictures from earlier in her life. It started flat and light red, but you can see by this time, it was raised and getting dark. The part in the middle that is purple is the part that was soon to ulcerate (break open). This when I realized I needed to start taking weekly pictures to document the rapid growth.

WC's H is most likely a Superficial Hemangioma (formerly called Strawberry Hemangioma) because it is located in the surface of the skin. They are characterized by a bright red color with a well defined border. These lesions may vary greatly in size, location and shape.

PickleLovingPrincess, you mentioned a Deep Hemangioma (formerly known as Cavernous Hemangioma), which is often larger than a superficial lesion. They are located beneath the surface of the skin and are characterized by a bluish lump or mass. They are generally soft to the touch.

It is possible that WC's was a Combined Hemangioma or Mixed Hemangioma, both deep and superficial. These may appear as a lump or mass in the skin with areas of red. They are often soft. We did not, however, have any testing done to see how deep it went so I have to assume it was just a Superficial.

This picture was taken at 17 weeks of age. The ulceration was at it's worst now, but beginning to heal. This was a stressful time for us- the ulceration was very painful and although we were fortunate that her H wasn't on her face as most of them are, but it was still in an area that was easily bumped (imagine threading those little arms into a carseat.....), which would start off a 2 hours crying spell because of pain that Tylenol didn't touch.

We also had some clothing issues because anything with a wristband was a problem, so I had a difficult time figuring out what to do about winter PJs.....

It was at this point that our ped finally agreed that we needed to see a specialist. Up until now we were told "We don't do anything for those, just wait them out and they will go away on their own." (oh-so-wrong I would later find out....)

To make a really long story a little shorter (you can email me for the long version if you'd like) we found a doctor in a neighboring state who was a pediatric plastic surgeon who specializes in vascular anomalies. He let us know that even if the H fully involutes, she will still be left with a cosmetic deformity because of the significant scar tissue that formed because it was an open wound for so long. So our plan at this point is to do a scar revision surgery after her third birthday.

This picture was taken when she was about 18 months old. The area in the middle that has a different texture is the scar tissue.

It is amazing how much it has changed and it's amazing to me how much I have learned. There were times when I felt so overwhelmed and didn't know what to do or where to turn, seeing as how I live in Rural America and we don't seem to have a lot of people around here who are helpful in these situations. I don't know what our parents did without the Internet.......

I do have a wealth of links and support groups/forums if anyone is ever in need of them. Just let me know and I'll be glad to share my resources!

Monday, February 25, 2008


Check out these fierce (a la Christian on Project Runway) shoes that I got at Nordstrom! I love them and can't wait to wear them.

More later on my Sephora purchases.... if you are interested. Let me know if you'd like to hear about my Lip Stain Purchase Extravangaza 2008!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Fabulous Weekend Away

I'm sitting here in the Business Center in our hotel, waiting on Mr. Sasha to get back from his golfing outing. My fabulous friend E picked me up this AM and took me for my first taste of Chicken Minis (love them!) and then we did some shopping and had a great time. I got some cool stuff (shoes, Coach!!!, makeup) that I'll be updating you on later. I also got my Sephora order in yesterday, and I'll have an awesome review of lots of new makeup soon!

Last night we went to eat at Pappadeaux and DAMN it was good. I had my usual, Jumbo Shrimp Brochette, and of course a Pappadocious and also a Swamp Thing. About 3 AM I was wondering if that was such a good idea, but it all turned out all right. I need to try to remember that I am not 21 anymore and more than one strong drink is usually not a good idea.....

I've been meaning to post a recent pic of The Wild Child's hemangioma. I took this last month, and yes, that is my leg on the left side of the picture holding her down. She's a rascally rabbit and hard to hold still. Her arm looks great these days. I was telling Mr. Sasha we probably need to schedule her appointment with her plastic surgeon since they have a 3-4 month wait for appointment and they want to see us something this fall before her revision surgery next January.
Also, here's a pic of her beautiful Easter dress I found at Target. I love this dress! I mostly love that the bow is permanently sewn, so I don't have to jack with that, cause you know this CPA can't tie bows. What a mess last year. Mr. Sasha ended up tying the bow on her dress....
Hope you all are having as good of a weekend as I am. I'm excited to get back and see the kids tomorrow, but I certainly will enjoy my weekend way. Every mom needs that every now and then I think.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Thursday, February 21, 2008

So So So Glad WIOW is Over

Because I found these at Walgreen's this AM and had to buy them..... and they are quite tasty! I only bought 2 by the way, because of course it was a better deal if you bought two, and you know I'm all about the better deal.

They are bigger than normal M&Ms, sort of like the shape of the old Oompa-Loompas. Do you remember those? They were awesome, half peanut butter, half chocolate, in a crunchy shell, made by my old friend Willy Wonka.
The cherry flavor is pretty distinct, but not overpowering. Quite nice. Between these and the Razz ones, I do prefer the Razz, but these are pretty damn good. I will certainly finish the bag, this morning, I am sure.
As for how WIOW went, I actually did pretty well with dealing with the annoying shit of "not eating so crappy". Until Mr. Sasha asked me to stop by McD's on my way home from making freezer meals at Pass Your Plate and I just happened to be passing by one at that exact moment, and I swear my car turned itself in there. I love those Grilled Chipolte wraps, and I don't suppose they are that bad, are they? Now, Slim, don't you go looking them up like you did the Sweetheart Blast. Best if I don't know.
As for NLP:RD, today is Trash Terminating Thursday--More clean up with a focus on organizing and purging.
I do need to do a little clean up tonight before Mr. Sasha and I leave town tomorrow for our Very Special and Romantic Post-Valentines Weekend Away From The Kids. To be fair, Saturday morning is non-couply since he will do some golfing and I will be meeting a friend for shopping, but the rest of the time, it's all romance. My ILs are coming to our house to keep the kids, and I guess I should make my home look a little bit like I clean every now and then, although I'm sure P will sell me out.
At least I better vacuum up the large pieces food under the table and such.

A Chip Off the Old Block

So looks like The Politician takes after me. At least, he got the bargain hunter gene.

P: Momma/Daddy, if you let me do _______, I'll let you come to my birthday party.

Mr. Sasha: Well, I gotta tell you, I'm paying for that party, so I'll definitely be there.

Since then P's proposed trade has changed a bit.

P: Momma/Daddy, if you let me do _______, I'll let you pay for my birthday party.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Work it Out Wednesday

All right, all right. I'll get on board with Ashley's New Life Plan: Rough Draft.

When I first read her blog post about her New Life Plan, here's what I said:

Shit. Are you serious? I can't find a legal pad in this mess. I do have pens, lots of them. All over. Maybe I can just write it in Word on the computer. But can this be co-related to making my kids behave and making WC stop biting? Can I do NLP: Raising My Kids Better At Home So That Daycare Doesn't Kick My Kids Out? That's my biggest concern right now. Lexapro has taken care of the rest.

Anyway, I thought about it overnight and I imagine it would be good for me to attempt the program. I can certainly use some self-improvement.

Today is Work it Out Wednesday, when you are supposed to "solve big problems like organizational dilemmas and annoying shit like taxes and important phone calls."

In the annoying shit category, here's my plan for WIOW: Stop eating crappy. I am starting right now, at 9:35 AM. I say that because it was just an hour ago that I washed down my breakfast of yogurt with 5 girl scout cookies. And a handful of Skittles. And it's annoying to me that I have to stop eating crappy, because I really love it. It's just a hassel to have to eat health-ily. So I think it totally qualifies as annoying shit. Why can't I be 16 again and eat and drink whatever I want and not gain a pound?

So there you have it- my plan for WIOW. I'll let you know how it goes. Taxes and important phone calls are put off until next week- is that OK?

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What the hell are we doing wrong?

That's what I asked Mr. Sasha tonight during dinner. This is one of those days where I just feel like I am doing a terrible job raising my kids.

P was freaking out claiming he needed to leave the room because the smell of WC's clementine was "gagging" him. (And really, I think it was. What's that all about?)

WC was standing up in her booster, with her t shirt up around her hair like a turban, busy disobeying my instructions to sit down.


WC is now The Enforcer

So yesterday when I picked up The Wild Child, the afternoon teacher told me she bit someone yesterday morning- but it was a "good intentioned bite". Seems as though WC was disappointed that one of her friends wasn't listening to the teacher, so she took it upon herself to do something about it and went over and bit them.

This morning I asked the morning teacher about it and she said in all her years of teaching (12!) she has never seen a child do this. Normally, the bites in the 2 year old room are realted to something territorial or aggressive. But WC, no, she is trying to help the teacher. She's enforcing the rules.

The teacher was wonderful about it and assured me we would get through this stage, but OMG what am I in for if WC is breaking new ground in the teaching field????? She'll be notorious.......

Monday, February 18, 2008

Thank Goodness The Politician Is A Translator

A few weeks ago when we picked WC up from the nursery at church, the teacher said she had been saying something over and over again she couldn't figure it out. I got her to say it a few times to me, but it might as well have been Chinese because I couldn't make heads or tails out of it.

I forgot all about it until she started saying it again yesterday. Luckily, P translated for me: "Ice cream truck's in trouble!"

We have a Little People ice cream truck and P likes to tow all his vehicles with his tow truck and pretend trucks are stuck in ditches, etc. That must be what this is all about.

Ebates Rocks

Ya'll if you haven't registered for ebates, what's stopping you? I have gotten checks totaling $337!!!!!! Seriously! Register and then refer all your friends and make some extra cash like me! My referral email is

Here's the special now:

Refer Two Friends: Get $30! Through March 31st, 2008, Refer One Friend: you and your friend will get $10. Refer Two Friends: your friends will get $10. You'll get a $20 Bonus plus a $10 Target Gift Card!

All my favorite stores participate, like Sephora, Old Navy, Gap, Eddie Bauer, and even Snapfish! Email me if you have any questions!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Buxom Lips Review

I've got a new review up at A Million Little Glosses- it's on Bare Escentuals Buxom Lips. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

I Clean A Little, WC Un-Cleans A Little

So I'm in my bedroom, using the vacuum (my mom's old Electrolux, which rocks by the way) and WC runs off saying "Yikes!"

I just keep on vacuuming.

All of the sudden she runs in, saying "Toe!" and pointing to her toe. I think she's hurt her toe somehow, but she says, "Come on, Momma" and takes my hand, so I follow her.

Outside of my bedroom, I can see the pantry door open. On the other side of that open door I find........

I guess she got some corn flakes stuck on her toe. Now, that's a major problem that we certainly must deal with now!

Friday, February 15, 2008

3rd Place Again!

Yesterday my work had a chili luncheon (which I passed on by the way, and Mr. Sasha took me to Pei Wei instead- yum!) and of course we had a dessert contest.
Hoping to better my 3rd place showing from the last dessert contest, I made my Sopapilla Cheesecake and hoped for the best. I got 3rd place again, which is totally OK, and I chose Salt Grass Steakhouse for my $15 prize gift certification.
I must tell you that when Mr. Sasha and I came by to eat dessert after Pei Wei, I was accosted by no less than 8 people on my way in the door who asked me for the recipe and went on and on about how tasty it was! In fact, there was only a small portion of a corner left when we got there! And 1st place was still sitting there, with only 1 slice gone... I'm just sayin'.
So without further ado, here's the recipe:
  • 2 packages cresent rolls
  • 2 packages 8 oz cream cheese
  • 1 1/2 cup sugar
  • 1 tbsp cinammon
  • 1/2 stick butter melted
  • 1 tsp vanilla
Mix cinnamon and 1/2 cup sugar. Set aside.
Press 1 can of cresent rolls into 9X13 glass pan sprayed w/ Pam.
Mix 1 cup sugar, vanilla, and cream cheese. Spread on top of rolls. Lay the other can of rolls onto the mixture.
Pour melted butter over rolls and sprinkle w/ cinammon sugar mixture.
Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

You Know What Sucks Dinosaur Eggs?

When your toddler has pink eye, and you have to take the eye drops to school so they can give them at noon, and you feel super-bad about that, and warn them, and tell them you are sorry a million times, because when you attempt to do the drops at home, it's harder than I imagine it is giving eye drops to a cat.
In fact, it's a two-person job, that involves one person imobilizing said child while the other works on prying the eyes open and hoping that one of the drops you toss in the general direction of her eyes will somehow make it in that little tiny slit you manage to make.
And then when you pick up your child, there's a note on their daily sheet that says, "The Wild Child did wonderful when we gave her the eyes drops today- she stood perfectly still and it was very easy!"
Shut. Up.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Oh Ya'll

One of my most favorite people evah just shared with me that she has a blog!

Ya'll head over and check her out. She's cool like us. You'll love her. She's Multi-Slacking Mamalicious.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

March 2008 Glamour Cliff Notes

Are you as busy as I am, and just don't have the time to read your favorite magazines? Let me help you out with that. Why don't I do a little Cliff Notes version for you? I've been a Glamour subscriber for about 18 years, since I was about 16 I think. It's my most favorite mag ever, and last night I flipped through it while The Wild Child ate her hour-long dinner (seriously, she would sit at the table for longer than that if I let her).

So without further ado, notes from March 2008, in page order.
  1. Clinique has a new product out called Even Better Skin Tone Corrector. I totally have to try this! (They don't appear to have this product on their website yet and there are no reviews at Makeup Alley either.)

  2. Multiple contests to enter at

  3. New perfume by Tommy Hilfiger called Dreaming that is fab! I never wear fragrance because I have a weird thing about getting sick from smelling the same smell for any length of time, but I rubbed this one on my wrist and it's totally doable! Happy V day to me!

  4. My bangs are totally in style- it's called the Birkin Bang. Evidentally, they are "sexy, brow-grazing bangs". Who knew?
So that's pretty much all you need to know. Unless you got lots of time on your hands and want to read the whole thing for yourself. Go for it.

Monday, February 11, 2008


Now, what was I thinking, posting that I bought new shoes and not posting pics? I know you are a crazy shopping bunch, plus I'm pretty cool, and I imagine you want to be just like me. Kidding, but just in case you do want to see the adorable Tommy Hilfiger shoes I got at DSW for $20 each, here you go.

Aren't they precious??????

Purchase info on the web: I found them each for about $25 at, but WAIT!!!! Be sure and go through ebates to get 8% back, and good Lord, if you still haven't registered, my referral link is to the right and you can get a $10 bonus if you register and purchase by the 14th. Also, there is a 10% off code right now to use at shoebuy (code is SHOEBUY). Plus no tax and no shipping and free returns.

What are you waiting for? Tell your Mr. I am sorry.

Just Another Manic Monday

Poor Wild Child has a stomach virus, so we are tag-team parenting today. I'm at work this AM, but going home at noon so Mr. Sasha can go do some recruiting. Mr. Sasha just called because he is watching Regis and Kelly and WC was not a finalist. I told him I already knew that, but he was still holding out hope. He said 5 of the kids weren't all that and WC was definitely cuter than them.

Also, a little bit ago, WC managed to get ahold of Mr. Sasha's blackberry and not only called me on my cell, she also called my office number. Don't know how a 2 year old does that, but I may just have a technological guru on my hands.

I am planning a Sephora order in my head because there was a whole section devoted to lip stains in the new catalog I got Saturday, and I LOVE lip stains. I'll let you know what I decide.

Someone asked about DSW. It's a shoe warehouse that just opened it's first store in our state. Maybe Discount Shoe Warehouse? Don't know, but my three new flip flops are Tommy Hilfiger and cute.

Also, someone mentioned that it won't be flip flop weather where they are for a few months. See, here's the nutty thing about where I live. It can be 80 one day (Saturday) and then 24 the next (Sunday). Really. We were out in shorts on Saturday afternoon, and today we are going to get freezing rain (frain). So I should have quite a few flip flop days mixed in with my snow boot days.

I also just got an email that I won an ebay auction for some Croc Capris in khaki/pearl! Yay! I have the brown/pink and LOVE them. Mr. Sasha hates when I say I won an auction. He says you're not much of a winner if you have to pay someone....

So that's what up with me. How's things with you?

Saturday, February 9, 2008

This Can Be The Wild Child's Uniform

and double as a warning to those that don't know her well.

My friend Elaine just sent me a link to this shirt at Old Navy, and I'm totally making the trip tomorrow to see if they have it. If not, I'm ordering online because I have to have it!

I made my first trip to DSW today and it's awesome! I got three pair of precious flip flops. It's fab weather here today and I am super ready for spring.

But you know it will totally be 32 one day this week.....

Friday, February 8, 2008

My Favorite Moisturizer

There's a new post up at A Million Little Glosses about my favorite moisturizer... check it out!

I Am Super Cool

and am now a contributor at A Million Little Glosses, a fab beauty blog run by my super-fab friend Traci Anne!

Go check it out- she put my nail routine on there today and she's got some great reviews of other beauty products too. And you know how I like to over-buy beauty products just to get to the free-shipping threshold, so you know there's more to come......

Finally Friday

Note from school yesterday: "The Wild Child had a rough day. She didn't want to take a nap. She also ran from her teachers."

'Bout time she spreads that around. I get tired of hearing how well she sleeps at school since I have to read 500 books, lay 5 babies, a bunny and a piggy in bed with her, cover her with three blankets, put her Dora house shoes back on her 9 times, pry quarters and other small objects from her paws, and do a jig just to get her to lay down. Go ahead, WC, shows those teachers the same love you show Momma.

Ya'll. I'm so pumped for the weekend! Lots of"nothing" to do. I'm planning on:
  • painting my nails (both finger and toes)
  • CVS-ing
  • picking up the last of the FARs at Walgreen's
  • running twice (Sat and Sun)
  • picking up some paint samples for the bedroom (thanks for suggestions!)
  • researching blinds for the bedroom
  • having Mr. Sasha wash the Fan since I am deathly afraid of those automatic car washes that move you down the track
  • cleaning out my pantry and throwing out anything with 2004-2007 expiration dates (scary, huh?)

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Oh No, She Didn't

But oh, yes, she did.

Note from school:

One of the other children was picking on one of The Wild Child's friends today. We kept trying to keep the other child from being mean. The Wild Child decided she had seen enough. She tackled the child to the ground and bit them on the leg for picking on her friend. She then stood up and said "No! No!" to the child.

Wednesday Musings

Holy crap, I just about forgot what I was going to tell you. Thank goodness I had already saved my pics from the web, so I had those to jar my memory.

I am currently obsessed, thanks to another blogger, in changing out all my wall and switch plates with ones like the one above from Target. I did my bedroom already and they are so pretty! Now I need to order some faux wood blinds and paint and the room will be gorgeous. Did I tell you we've lived in our house for over 7 years and still have not repainted the mint green walls yet? We are super lazy about that kind of stuff.

So any deals on blinds? I've got four giant, practically floor-to-ceiling windows that currently have nasty metal blinds on them that I'll need to re-do. I also need to pick out a color to paint. I'm thinking a taupe or something light and neutral. I also will need somewhere to go for a weekend so I can let Mr. Sasha paint in peace since I would drive him crazy with my OCD-ness and we would certainly file for divorce after the experience. It's just best that I'm not there.
Oh- my new glasses came in yesterday and I love them! They are Coach Hilary in dark brown and I feel so hip and cool, although I know that glasses can't magically change the fact that I am pretty uncool and not very hip at all. Still, I've got a little spring in my step today and I think I'll wear them for a few days before I go back to my contacts.

Going to Taco Cabana for lunch, they have Pineapple Chipolte salsa again!!!!!! My friend and I stalk them and flip out whenever they have it on the salsa bar, which is a few times a year. We ask for a super big bowl because those little plastic cups just don't hold enough. I could drink it. Seriously. I like it more than margaritas.

By the way, Blogger's spell check hasn't been working for me for over a week. I hereby apolozige for any stupid misspellings- but it's just not my fault.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I Thought Regis Was Calling Me, I Swear

So last night about 6:20 my cell rang, and it never rings, so I figured it was important. I checked Caller ID and noticed it was a long distance number. I stopped breathing for a second.... could it be? Could The Wild Child be a finalist???? I answered, and a cheery, professional-sounding woman said, "Can I speak to Sosh-a XXXX?" Misprounounced, so I know she doesn't know me.

I'm thinking, holy shit, this is it! She got picked!

I'll be damned it if wasn't CVS. Which was still a fab call, because they totally hooked me up with some extra ECB since my receipt printed blank the other day during the sickness debacle, but I was still crestfallen.

It was almost like the time I was 8 and ice skating for the first time and watching this lady give some young girls lessons and they were just so pretty, and with my Dorothy Hamil haircut and all, I just knew I was destined for greatness on the ice.

And before I knew it, the lesson lady was skating my way- she had something to say to me!!! I was sure she was going to ask who in the world I was, where I'd been, and why wasn't I taking lessons, because I was olympic-bound!!!

Turns out, I needed to leave the ice because it was time to re-ice the damn rink.

That's the story of my life.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Required Watching Countdown: 2 1/2 hours to go

OK, so I mentioned it before, but get off the computer right now and go set your Tivo for Paradise Hotel 2. The first one was my absolutely favorite show ever and was on in summer 03, when I was on the couch on modified bedrest awaiting the arrival of The Politician.

Anyway, it's a Fox Reality show, but the first episode is on my local UPN affiliate at 8 central time tonight.

Watch it. Report back. I am pumped.

Ebates Double Bonus Offer

Ebates if having another Double Bonus Offer, good through Feb 14. Through, you'll get $10 (and so will I!) instead of the normal $5. (My address for the email box is sasha2599 at yahoo dot com)

Now would be a great time to sign up if you haven't already- I've made over $285 since I started using ebates for my normal internet shopping.

Gotta Make Sure and Check My Answering Machine Today

in case Regis and Kelly call me.

From the Beautiful Baby Search webpage:

Potential semi-finalists will be notified by telephone during the week of February 4, 2008. Three (3) attempts will be made to contact the potential semi-finalists. If contact with potential semi-finalists is not made within three (3) days potential semi-finalist will be disqualified and an alternate will be selected, time permitting.

It's actually perfect timing, because I have a haircut scheduled for her tomorrow, so she'll look all fab for her appearance on their show next week. Wonder what we should wear?

Oh, Traci, if we get invited to NYC, let's meet up! Would you watch the kids so that Mr. Sasha and I can take in a show?

Sunday, February 3, 2008


I am getting a Sweetheart Blast for lunch.

Just figured I'd let everybody know.

It's just that good.

Steel Trap

So a few months ago, we started noticing that The Politician would come up with some random memory from forever ago that was spot on.

Like we gave him Gatorade, which we never buy, and he said "Oh, like I had when I went to Six Flags", which was 18 months ago.

And last week I was cutting a plum for The Wild Child and he said, "Momma, remember when you held me on the ground and tried to make me eat a plum?" Yes, I totally did this because I was so frustated that he wouldn't eat any fruit, and I am totally embarassed that I let myself do something so nutty, but, OMG this was over 2 years ago.

And today, he came up with this, which I transcribed since I was already at the computer:

The day that I went to the dentist and he said my teeth look good, then DD splashed her car through a lot of water, like 140 pounds of water, then she went to the place where they get air back into cars. The tow truck helped her. Then I bonked my head with a soccer ball when DD came to my house after her car was in water.

Holy shit ya'll, that actually happened, in that exact order, but last April.

I am freaking out a little.

Today I Had a Fitness Evaluation

done by my 4 1/2 year old.

I was telling him what a big boy he was, and he said, "I know, feel my muscle."

So I felt his bicep and he told me to make a muscle too. I did.

He felt of it and said, "Hmmm..... momma, yours is a little squishy."

Friday, February 1, 2008


Just a reminder..... I'm not the Sonic girl below.

A Little Makeup Talk

Yesterday I went to Walgreens to take advantage of the FARs for February. You know about those, right? FAR=Free After Rebate. I normally pick up whatever is free, and if I have coupons, bonus, they pay me to take products out of their store! Plus, I always choose the gift card option, so I get an extra 10% too.

So yesterday I got a Fructis conditioner, Softsoap Spa Radiant Body Wash (the green one smells divine), Mennen Speed Stick 24/7 for Mr. Sasha, and Maybelline Volume XL Lip Plumper in a plum color.

Oh ya'll. Maybelline got it so wrong. Now, I've tried most of the plumpers and kind of like the tingling feeling they impart, although it doesn't usually last that long. I haven't found that they actually plump my lips all that much, but I'm not trying to be Angelina, so no big.

But this particular gloss doesn't make your lips tingle. No, it makes them numb. What the hell? It's almost like you rubbed Anbesol all over your lips, which by the way I have done, and it's a freaky feeling you don't want to repeat.

Seriously. Big company marketing execs, just check with me before you put out any new products. Cause if they suck, I'll be glad to let you know and save us all the hassle.