Friday, August 29, 2008

Bloggy Hint # 4- Making it Pretty

A Belle and her Beau (who by the way, is beyond precious) asks: next I need to know who creates all these super cute blogs! do you all know how to do that yourselves? I sure hope not or then I will feel really bad. I got my background free from suckmylolly but my mother says i need to remove it bc it sounds like a porn site :) lol.

Well, Belle, (can I call you Belle?), if I can figure out cute, so can you!

First, I had to find a pink template because I'm all about the pink. Now, I just used a blogger template since I didn't know about all those background sites when I was first setting up the blog. So I chose Ms. Moto for all its pinkness.

But I really think it's the header that really gives the blog its "look". I make my headers at Scrapblog. They have lots of super-cute stuff for absolutely free.

After you've made your masterpiece, chose the option under File to export as jpeg. This will save your page as a picture on your computer. Then you'll just upload that on blogger as your header!
Let me know if you have further questions!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Damn 5' 2"

Le sigh.

Love the magic pants, but it looks like the fit model was about 6-8 inches taller than me, so off to the tailor I go.

Anyone want my extra material to make a pair of their own? I'm pretty certain there will be enough scrap material off my two pair to make another.....

Three Custom Color Specialists?

Has anyone ordered from Three Custom Color Specialists before? These are the people who re-create discontinued makeup.

My HG lippie is Origins Bite Your Lips in Just Bitten Raspberry - I loved it because it was MLBB (My Lips But Better - tm Makeup Alley) and it didn't run into the little lines around my mouth. It was discontinued a number of years ago, but I found it on TCCS yesterday and am thinking about having them make some for me.

Downside- it will be $61.50 for two tubes.

Now I love this lipstick- and I probably do love it $61 worth. (Don't you judge me!)


It's my perfect color. It puts me in a fabulous mood. It makes me feel beautiful. It makes the guys come running.

Not really. And I'm certainly not beautiful. I may be "cute", but not beautiful. I was voted "Best Looking" senior year of high school, but didn't have a prom date until about a week before. Guys just don't look at me that way. Phone calls I got from guys were always asking questions about other girls...

But with this lipstick, I can rule the world.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wondering About the Rest of the Returning Fall TV Shows?

Check out Watch With Kristin on Eonline. She pretty much rocks.

Fall TV: Returning Favorites

Just thought I'd share my must-see TV list along with season premiere dates. If you want to be cool like me, enter these shows on your Season Pass list on your Tivo!

Tuesday, Aug. 26 (last night!)

  • Greek (ABC Family), 9 p.m.

Tuesday, Sept. 16

  • Biggest Loser: Families (NBC), 8 p.m. (so inspiring!)

Monday, Sept. 22

  • Dancing with the Stars (ABC), 9 p.m. (but who the hell are these "stars"?)
  • Dr. 90210 (E!), 10 p.m. (Dr. Rey, how I've missed you!)
  • How I Met Your Mother (CBS) 8:30 p.m.

Thursday, Sept. 25

  • My Name is Earl (NBC), 8 p.m. (undersmile, tee hee)
  • The Office (NBC), 9 p.m.

Sunday, Sept. 28

  • Amazing Race (CBS), 8 p.m.

Wednesday, Oct. 1

  • Dirty Sexy Money (ABC), 10 p.m.
  • Friday Night Lights (DirecTV 101), 9 p.m. (yay for DirecTV! see referral link on the right)

Sunday, Oct. 5

  • Girls Next Door (E!), 10 p.m. (trashtastic!)

Monday, Oct. 6

  • Samantha Who? (ABC), 9:30 p.m.

January 2009

  • Lost
  • 24 (I think!)

I haven't had a chance to check out all the new shows, but I will of course be watching the new 90210.

What are you watching?

Dear Concerned Therapist,

Just a quick post to let you know that although I appreciate your concern, I am still confident we chose the correct OT. One of my closest friends is an elementary school OT here in our town, and she had only wonderful things to say about this pediatric OT and assured me we made the right choice.

I also feel confident in our choice to do the Therapeutic Listening program that she is certainly well-trained in.

If the OT hadn't warned me to watch for odd behavior on the 4th or 5th day, I might have been freaked out a little. But since she gave me a log sheet and asked me to makes notes about anything out of the ordinary, I'm not worried at all.

In fact, I can already see some positive changes in WC.

The strange middle-of-the-night behavior has not happened again. In fact, Sunday night (day 4) was the only night she had any sleep issues at all. Every morning since she's woken up in a fabulous mood saying "I'm ready for my music!".

So while I appreciate your concern, the Sashas have it under control.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bloggy Hint # 3: Creating a Link

Always wanted to include a link in your post without posting all the HTML?

Let me help!

First, type the words that your want to be your link. For example, type "I found a fabulous dress here."

In another window or tab, pull up the page your want your link to go to (website where you found your dress). With your mouse, highlight the entire address and do Ctrl-C. This copies the link onto your clipboard.

Go back to your blogger window or tab. With your mouse, highlight the word that will be your link (dress, here, or whatever you want).

Next, hit the button I've circled below. This will bring up a the link window- just do Ctrl-V. This will paste your destination link in the box. Click OK.

That's it! Now your word will be a link!

Monday, August 25, 2008

WC and Therapeutic Listening

WC started her Therapeutic Listening last Thursday using her super-fancy (and very expensive) headphones. She listens to special electronically altered CDs that vary in musical style, filtering, and level of complexity. We do this twice a day for 30 minutes.

It seems very new-agey to me, but our OT is just brilliant and is confident that this program will help WC learn to regulate her sensory processing.

The OT warned us that we might see some "odd" behavior on day 4 or 5. She said we may see some old behaviors (biting, hitting, etc) come back out as she adapts to the CDs.

So I'm glad I was a little prepared for what happened at 1:30 am last night. She woke up grunting, moaning, and crying, and when I went in her room she said "Get away from me!". (That'll break a mother's heart.)

For about an hour and half we watched as she wallered around on the floor, alternated between being upset and being quiet, and spent some time hiding under the clothes in our closet. She didn't want to be held or touched during this time period. Finally about 3 she calmed down enough to lay in our bed and we were able to get her back to sleep in her own bed about 3:30.

I am tuckered out today.

And it was strange. I've never seen her act like this. But I think it's a good sign, and it means the CDs are starting to work- to have some effect on her. The OT gave me a log sheet to write down behaviors that we notice, so of course this will be going on there.

Wonder what will happen tonight....

Thank You!

A big, giant, thank you to the Sasha Says reader who used me as a DirecTV referral!

I just opened my new bill and noticed a $10 credit on there! I'll get a $10 credit each month for 5 months, and so will the person who signed up!

If anyone else is interested, just call 1-800-443-8869 and give them account number 10108109 as your referrer!

I love my DirecTV and have two of their dual-tuner Tivos so I can DVR up to 4 programs at once. Oh how I love my TV!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Do One Hundred With Me!

Anybody want to get a little stronger?

I'm kind of in a rut. I'm finding that my 3 mile runs 4 times a week aren't burning off all that beer and yummy food that I'm indulging in.

So I'm recognizing that I need to shake it up a bit, and I've been reading about building muscle and strength to help raise your metabolism and burn more calories.

So I found a super-cool site that is a 6 week plan to gradually build your strength so you can do 100 push ups at a time! The plan takes about 30 minutes a week- that's about 10 minutes a day, three times a week. Totally do-able, right?

Want to do it with me?

Dear Band-aid

Your new product, Single-Step Liquid Bandage,
is crap compared to


(Your older, seemingly discontinued Liquid Bandage product.)

Just thought you ought to know.

At first, I was jazzed at the idea of a pre-moistened portable applicator. I thought it was the best idea, and damn, why didn't I think of that?

But turns out, the new product doesn't work so well. And I ought to know. I am prone to skin cracks on the tip of my thumbs and I was your best customer of the Liquid Bandage product.

But the new product doesn't measure up all at. Doesn't seal the wound. Doesn't last.

Signed, your former customer Sasha

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bloggy Hint #2 - Using a Signature

Want to use a cute signature like this

on your blog?

Here's what to do:

1. Go to and create you a pretty little siggy.

2. Choose the option to create HTML.

3. Save this HTML in a word document (I'm sure there are other ways to do this, just is just how I did it).

4. When you get to the part in your post where you want your siggy, switch to "Edit HTML" and cute and paste your HTML from your word document.

5. Switch back to "Compose" mode and fix your spacing and such.


Thanks to Smoochiefrog for these instructions for permanently installing a signature so you don't have to cut and past each time you post:

On the dashboard, it's under Settings and formatting. Then you scroll down to post template. You insert your code there and it will post it every time for you.

First Day of School

I can't believe The Politician's in Pre-K. Today was his first day in his new class. He's been at this early childhood development center since he was 6 weeks old, so he is really comfortable here. In fact, I think he pretty much runs the place and is certainly the class clown.

The Wild Child isn't moving classrooms until Christmas, but I took a shot of her too today since she got her haircut this morning and was in a good mood- gotta take it when you can get it. P got a haircut the other day too- just in the backyard.

P didn't even notice when Mr. Sasha and I left his classroom- he was busy chatting with his buddies and being excited about his new room. He's such a big boy these days.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My New Motto

How perfect is this? Me to a T!

Hurry Mailman

Just got an email that the magic pants have shipped.

Clemsongirl, you'd better be right. My ass better look fab in them.

Scrubbing Bubbles Action Scrubber

I am in love with the Scrubbing Bubbles Action Scrubber!

When I got an invitation to this campaign on BzzAgent, I went ahead and joined even though I don't do a whole lot of bathtub/shower cleaning myself. After all, I have a cleaning lady! (Now, don't you judge me! You all know that's because my time is limited since I work outside the home.)

However, I figured that there would be a time when I would have to (reluctantly) clean the tub myself. How could I know how right I would be?

I recently had to tell my cleaning lady not to come during Chicken Pox/Staph Infection Extravaganza 2008. And that bathtub- well, it severely needed to be cleaned, especially after all those oatmeal baths that poor WC had taken.

I actually got a little excited to try this product out. And it worked fabulously. It easily removed all the soap/oatmeal scum on the tub, and my hand didn't even get dirty! Also, the smell is not at all overpowering, like some cleaning products can be.

So I'm sold!

  • The Starter Kit includes 1 handle and 4 cleaning pads in a compact storage tub – all for a suggested price of $5.29 (note: There's a coupon for $2.75 on their website!)
  • The cleaning pad Refill Kit contains 6 pads and has a suggested price of $3.19
  • Both the Starter and Refill Kits are available at all major retailers
  • The Handle is made from extruded foam, low density polyethylene (that means it's comfy!), water-repellent, and equipped with fastener strips to attach easily to the cleaning pad
  • The Cleaning Pad is multi-layered with tiny scrubbing fibers, pre-loaded with concentrated Scrubbing Bubbles® foaming cleaner, water-activated, and disposable after one-time use (one pad cleans an average shower/tub)
  • The Storage Tub holds six cleaning pads, stores the handle on top, and takes up little space
Have you tried this product, and if so, what did you think?

Monday, August 18, 2008

New Ebates Link - $10 signup bonus

Just got an email from Ebates- they just mailed my quarterly Big Fat Check- and it's $101.85!!!! Yay!!!

If you haven't signed up yet, now is the time! You and I both will get a $10 bonus. Ebates offers rebates on most all of the places we like to shop online- Target,, Eddie Bauer, Sephora, Old Navy, Gap, etc.

Just think, if you sign up, and then you refer all your friends, you'll have a nice Big Fat Check next quarter!

Email me if you have any questions about Ebates.

Chex Mix Bars

Y'all- the new Chex Mix Bars (Turtle flavor) ROCK!

I first read about them on Hungry Girl a few weeks ago (sign up for the emails!) and had been keeping my eye out for them. There they were at Sam's on Saturday so I picked up a giant box because Hungry Girl said I'd like 'em.

She was right!

These are only two WW points, and are both sweet and salty and truly delicious.

If you are on Operation Skinny Bitch like me, this is a perfect smart snack.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Damn, I Throw a Good Party

Would you look at that? Success! He was so proud and it was quite yummy too. Yay Sam's!

The party was fab. All his buddies were there and a good time was had by all. I think I can confidently say this since all the bottled water, juice boxes, pizza, and cake were completely eaten and everyone was giving each other hugs as they were leaving. These kids are a huggy bunch.

Of course I forgot to hand out most of the party favor bags, but I guess that just means more gummi bears for me.

Also, several moms asked me how I was handling such a big group of crazy 4 and 5 year old with ease, to which I gave my standard answer "Lexapro!".

Mr. Sasha suggested I not make my drug-taking such a well-known fact, but I don't mind people knowing. In fact, I wish someone had told me about it when I thought I was going crazy and there was nothing I could do about it! It's kinda my PSA, and paying my debt back towards society by helping other moms on the brink.

Friday, August 15, 2008

End of Summer Swim Bargains

Athleta has all quite a bit of swimwear on sale- and it's a really good sale! All the pieces above were basically half price, so of course I ordered!

Now, these shorts (which have a built-in brief) run a little smaller than their other fabrics, so I ended up needing a bigger size than last time, but they have a great return policy and have already shipped out the replacement shorts with no additional shipping charges.

And how cute is that skirt? It's a little below the knee on me, but remember I am pretty short.

Uh Oh

See this hour-by-hour weather forecast for tomorrow? The percentage on the right is the chance of rain.

P's party is from 5:30-7:30 tomorrow at an outside park.

I am currently working on a backup plan, but not having much luck.

Also, I am a little worried that his cake is going to turn out like this image from Cake Wrecks.
There was a bit of a language barrier when I tried to order his cake from Sam's the other day.
Although she was Hispanic, she didn't know what I meant when I said we wanted a Diego cake. We also had a misunderstanding about how old he was going to be (6? No, 5.) and the color of icing we wanted (Me: Whatever coordinates with the Diego cake. Her: Hmmm.... OK.)
I don't like the sound of that OK.
At this point, I do think we'll just leave it be and see what we get. Maybe we'll get lucky and get something we can submit to Cake Wrecks ourselves and become world famous. That'll be better than a proper birthday cake, now won't it?

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Pampers Change 'N Go

What do we think about the new Pampers Change 'N Go?
I haven't decided yet....

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Seriously, It Can Only Go Up From Here

My car died at CVS today.

Since I was there by myself with WC, I asked a random guy walking by to come have a look-see (and since he and I were wearing the same marathon T, I thought we might be kindred spirits and all and surely he'd be a huge help). He guessed it was either the battery or alternator, then shrugged and said "Sorry" as he was walking off to his own working vehicle.

Things started to look up after a nice guy offered to help push me to a better location to be jumped, but my jumper cables were crap.

Stop the madness!

All is well now. The kids are clean and in bed. I just chased my Lexapro with a Mike's Light Hard Cranberry Lemonade.

On a more exciting note, my Couch to 5K story is up at Operation Skinny Bitch! If you haven't checked it out, what are you waiting for?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

You Need To Watch

This video.

It's about Rick, husband of my friend Cory (member of the Girls Weekend crew). It's an inspiring story.

Rick, we are all so proud of you!

For Lunch I Really Want

a Fried Ice Cream Blast from Sonic. Does that sound like a bad idea? I'm sure we all remember my obsession with Sweetheart Blasts and how I ate them practically everyday for the entire Valentine holiday season.

You can tell I'm feeling a little more upbeat today, huh? WC is at school this morning. I'll be picking her up after lunch and taking her home though. I figure that 1/2 a day at school is long enough when you haven't been there in 2 weeks.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggedy Jig

Luckily, the new antibiotic is already starting to work.

So we are home! Yay!

Thanks for all your well wishes and prayers.

I think things are looking up for the Sashas.

It's NOT MRSA, it's just plan staph

Which seems like it would be good news, but that means we have been on the wrong antibiotic since Friday....

They'll see her at 2:50 and see if they can drain any of the blisters, or if they need to admit her.

Prayers please.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Bloggy Hint #1- Spaces Between Paragraphs

We all know Blogger can be a little snarky sometimes.

Sometimes your post looks just like you want on the first try, but sometimes it takes holding your tongue just right.

So here's a little hint about how to insure that there will be spaces between your paragraphs.

Type this where you want a space: <.P.> (but take those two periods out)


Today for Breakfast

I just had an Eggo Bake Shop Swirlz in Cinnamon (and yesterday I had Strawberry) and these are fabulous. Very decadent and they taste sinful!

I first read about them on Hungry Girl last week, and at only 3 WW points, they sounded like a smart choice for my sweet tooth. I found them at SuperTarget and of course a box of each flavor jumped in my cart.

I haven't told the kids about them yet- I'm going to save them for myself!

Friday, August 8, 2008

The Hex

Even though the bear has been shifted to someone else (Hi Slim!) the hex is still upon us.

Before dinner I dropped off swabs from WC's infected spots to the lab. The ped suspects MRSA. I won't tell you about the hell it was to hold the poor thing down so they could drain the areas. I can't speak of it, or I'll start crying again.

We will find out the results Sunday, but have started the oral and topical MRSA meds.

I am ready to do a ceremony of some sort to lift this horrible illness cloud that is upon the Sashas.

Anyone knowledgeable in this area?

Doctor, Can You See Me?

We suspect her pox are infected. Poor thing, it's Day 10 of Pox Extravaganza 2008, with no signs of depature. Not sure if you can see (tilt your head if not), but her calf is red in a perfect 2 inch circle around that blister.
I'll keep you posted.
There is a pitcher of margs in my future.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Target Find

How cute is this Merona Scoop Neck Bow Tee from Target? It's only $7.99 and super-cute on! I picked up white and brown the other day and I can't wait to wear them with capris to work.

If you happen to be petite and small-boned like me, I also found something really cool- I can wear an XL in some of the kids shirts and they fit great. These are cheaper in the store, I think, (like 3.99 or 4.99) so I picked up about 4 different colors.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

God, Thank You For Steve the A/C Man

That was part of my prayers last night.

Steve the A/C Man came to our house about 8:30 pm and got us all fixed up by 9:30. The $300 we spent will be subtracted from the roofing bill.

For dinner last night I had the very nutritious dinner of two Mike's Light Hard Cranberry Lemonades and about half a bag of Garden Salsa Sun Chips, which you must try if you have not. They are fab! Mr. Sasha graciously took them away from me and almost finished the rest of the bag as his bedtime snack.

I'm home with WC today, who is feeling just fine except for the little red volcanoes all over her torso. Since I had to cancel the cleaning lady coming today, she is helping me with chores, which is making things take twice as long.

I talked to the surgery scheduling nurse this morning, and she said she has to find out from the doctor how long we have to wait after WC gets over the chicken pox before she can go under general anesthesia. Hopefully it won't be too long.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I'm Not Kidding

when I tell you that the roofers just cut through our A/C somethingorother and now we have no A/C. And it's 99 degrees at 7 pm.

It's gonna be a fun night.

Oh, Man! (said Swiper)

WC is back to throwing up again.... I now desperately need my carpets cleaned. Or just new carpeting. That might be the best and most sanitary option. (And don't forget a new sofa.) And Cornelia said I deserve a new Coach, which I definitely agree with. Maybe these earrings.

Also, the Sashas are getting a new roof today (damn hail damage) and it is super noisy in here! I knew WC was feeling bad again when she slept for 2 hours through a new roof being installed directly above her crib.

I am now wondering if there is any possible way I'll be escaping the Gastro-Intestinal Diet. I feel fine right now, but how many times can you clean up puke and stay immune? Is it like a cat- 9 lives? Cause I've spent those, for sure. It would be nice to fit back into my 8 pounds ago clothes, but I don't want to be sick to get there. Dear God, if you'll spare me the GID, I promise I'll.... well, whatever it takes, I'll do it. Except eat veggies, we both know I can't do that.

Hope you day is going better than mine! I wouldn't wish this virus/chicken pox thing on my worst enemy!

Monday, August 4, 2008

We're Still Pox-y

Day 6 of the Pox and still breaking out...

The Case of the Mysterious Bear was solved.... it's the town Travelling Bear, meant to be left on an unsuspecting person's door. You're supposed to let them freak out for 2 days, then call to confess. Not sure if I'll play along.... Creepy if you ask me.

Since I'm home with WC I thought I'd be productive and workout. Pulled out my old Firm tapes- the ones that use the Sculpting Stick and the Fanny Lifter. Damn- that is hard stuff! Kicked my ass. Results in 10 workouts they say- we shall see!

Oh- and I left a message with the surgeon about WC's pox- I am assuming they will call back and reschedule the surgery..... I just hate that!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Sasha and Mamalicious

Hollyanna, I had such a good time hanging with you today at Slim's shower! I miss you and loved getting to catch up. How cool is it that we have all been friends since first grade? (the Hawiian shirt and comb in your back pocket sucked me in)

Your gift was not at all awry and I loved the lorts!

I was serious about planning something fun SOON! Once I get out of poxy quarantine land, I'm gonna need beers!

Friday, August 1, 2008

As if the Stomach Virus(s) Wasn't Enough

We have the Pox.

Yup, WC has Chicken Pox.

Say a prayer for a mild case, since her long-awaited hemangioma revision surgery is next Thursday.

Cancelling it is not something I want to do.

The Case of the Mysterious Bear

Are you ready to help solve a mystery?

Cause this is a weird (and somewhat freaky) story, and I need help figuring it out.

Last night Mr. Sasha went to a baseball game and I was already asleep when he got home about 11 pm.

Mr. Sasha: What's the deal with the giant teddy bear on the front porch?

Sasha: Huh? There was nothing on the front porch when I closed the blinds at 8:30.

Mr. Sasha: Yeah, it actually kinda scared me because it looked like a person standing on our front porch when I drove up... but turns out it was a life-sized teddy bear leaning up against the front door.

Sasha: Was there a card or a note?

Mr. Sasha: Nope. Kinda freaked me out, so I stuck it in the garage.

And there it still sits. For reference, that's WC's tricycle in front, so you can see how giant it is. (And don't you judge me for the state of filth in my garage- it's just a garage, people!)

We've talked to family and friends and no one knows about it. I thought maybe someone was thinking of the kiddos (who have both been sick) and was trying to cheer them up.

But no dice.

My coworker thinks we need to call the police and have someone haul it off. She went down the road of drug lords who may have hidden heroin in it, stalkers, and hidden cameras/microphones.....

So what do you think??????