Friday, August 1, 2008

The Case of the Mysterious Bear

Are you ready to help solve a mystery?

Cause this is a weird (and somewhat freaky) story, and I need help figuring it out.

Last night Mr. Sasha went to a baseball game and I was already asleep when he got home about 11 pm.

Mr. Sasha: What's the deal with the giant teddy bear on the front porch?

Sasha: Huh? There was nothing on the front porch when I closed the blinds at 8:30.

Mr. Sasha: Yeah, it actually kinda scared me because it looked like a person standing on our front porch when I drove up... but turns out it was a life-sized teddy bear leaning up against the front door.

Sasha: Was there a card or a note?

Mr. Sasha: Nope. Kinda freaked me out, so I stuck it in the garage.

And there it still sits. For reference, that's WC's tricycle in front, so you can see how giant it is. (And don't you judge me for the state of filth in my garage- it's just a garage, people!)

We've talked to family and friends and no one knows about it. I thought maybe someone was thinking of the kiddos (who have both been sick) and was trying to cheer them up.

But no dice.

My coworker thinks we need to call the police and have someone haul it off. She went down the road of drug lords who may have hidden heroin in it, stalkers, and hidden cameras/microphones.....

So what do you think??????

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MDO said...

That's REALLY creepy...Maybe you intercepted a drug package from the mob that was meant for local "gangstas"?? You do kinda live in the "hood", you know...;)

(For anyone who doesn't know where Sasha lives...that is sarcasm. She lives in a really nice neighborhood.)

Joy said...

That is kinda weird-Maybe you have a stalker who thinks you like teddy bears:)

Kally said...

That is freaky. If I had found a giant teddy bear on my front porch I would probably have the Mr stick it in the garage too. Weird!

Stephanie said...

I'm not sure that "gansters" and "druglords" would use a huge teddy bear for drugs??? It doesn't quite fit in easy?!
The other option may be an internet stalker that really likes your blog...but I haven't figured out the part about knowing your address....
Another question, is it new? or used? that seems weird but did it come from a store or is it someone's dirty old bear??

Multislacking Mama said...

Um, when I first read this I read: The Case of the Mysterious Beer.

I was wondering why that would be problematic? Noteworthy, for sure, but not a problem! Especially since this is the summer of beer and all.

Rachael said...

Did you try cutting it open to see if anything is inside?

Jen said...

Oooh! Creepy!

Please keep us informed if you get more info!!!

Anonymous said...

If after a couple of days nobody has asked you about it, then its kinda creepy. I would call the police and ask them what to do. I think most people who would leave as a present would also leave a note, or call you and tell you that they left it. If they're trying to play a trick on you, a couple of days is more than enough for a practical joke.

~Lori said...

Hi Sasha, random blog fan here- i stumbled upon your blog one day and am now a daily reader.

I think you should chalk it up as a practical joke and pass it on to the next unsuspecting front porch.

kolls said...

Huh. I'd take it to the police, I've also heard of dealers hiding drugs in teddy bears and other toys. Couldn't hurt!

Kate said...

Holy Big Bear, Batman!!! That's totally weird, and more than a bit freaky, that is just appeared. It looks new in the picture, too.

McKenzie said...

Hi it's now 2016 and I'm wondering if you ever solved the mystery. A medium size bear landed on our porch this week with no note-and no friends fussing up ton the prank. And it's definitely a used bear.

Sasha said...

It was my sister in law! It was a traveling bear that moved from house to house! Ha! I still thought it was very strange!


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