Tuesday, August 12, 2008

For Lunch I Really Want

a Fried Ice Cream Blast from Sonic. Does that sound like a bad idea? I'm sure we all remember my obsession with Sweetheart Blasts and how I ate them practically everyday for the entire Valentine holiday season.

You can tell I'm feeling a little more upbeat today, huh? WC is at school this morning. I'll be picking her up after lunch and taking her home though. I figure that 1/2 a day at school is long enough when you haven't been there in 2 weeks.

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Kally said...

Mmmm sounds good. A friend told me of an awesome mix at Dairy Queen containing crushed Thin Mint cookies!!!!

Anonymous said...

Those are awesome! I even have my hubby hooked on them.

Anonymous said...

How sad is it that I miss Sonic that stinking much?

I'm glad WC is doing better. I bet she's glad to be at school.

Anonymous said...

I have been eyeing the same sign at our Sonic...don't know that I will give in though. You are much thinner...so go get one and enjoy!!! hehe

The Driftwood Collector said...

I actually had one of these with my lunch today. It was okay. Not as good as I hoped. I think I'll stick with the M&M Blast next time. The texture on the cinnamon bits was a bit odd.


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