Thursday, August 21, 2008

Dear Band-aid

Your new product, Single-Step Liquid Bandage,
is crap compared to


(Your older, seemingly discontinued Liquid Bandage product.)

Just thought you ought to know.

At first, I was jazzed at the idea of a pre-moistened portable applicator. I thought it was the best idea, and damn, why didn't I think of that?

But turns out, the new product doesn't work so well. And I ought to know. I am prone to skin cracks on the tip of my thumbs and I was your best customer of the Liquid Bandage product.

But the new product doesn't measure up all at. Doesn't seal the wound. Doesn't last.

Signed, your former customer Sasha


Tina in CT said...

Drat! I use the liquid bandage all winter long as I also am prone to cracks on the tips of my thumbs no matter how often I cream my hands. Did you write to Johnson & Johnson?

JenWebb702 said...

Check out my post today!!!

Anonymous said...

I completely agree! I have tried the new stuff and it is worthless. It doesn't seal the wound at all.

Julie {Angry Julie Monday} said...


Angry Husband is obsessed with that stuff. I will have to tell him.

Sasha said...

tina in ct- I haven't written to J&J yet... still deciding if I want to.