Wednesday, October 31, 2007


The hat didn't make it outside of the house, but at least the jacket and spats stayed on. The binoculars were a last minutes addition that came in the mail today and The Politician wanted to wear them- hey a fireman might need to see something in the distance, right?
The Wild Child loved her costume and totally figured out the whole ToT thing- "Treat Treat" was what she said at each house and she sometimes continued to stand there like "Hey, if I stand here long enough, will you give me more?"

No gold bars or coins, but we did get some good loot. Now I'm off to pull my faves out of their buckets- they are asleep and will never miss 'em!

Score 1 for Momma

So The Politician did indeed wear his costume at school today. And The Wild Child loved her kitty costume. Pictures to come later hopefully. Mr. Sasha tried this morning, but they are all blurry (hello, automatic focus?) so I'll try tonight with the good camera.

We are set to ToT in the ritzies and hopefully get some bars of gold. Or at least some high dollar candy..... My friend Slim from HS is coming over and our neighbors too. We'll be quite the large pack.

I'm still feeling shitty from my mysterious 8 day stomach virus and am now resorting to downing Emetrol like water. I'm hoarding my Phenergan because I only have 4 halfs left and don't know what I am going to do when they are gone. Do drug dealers sell Phenergan?????

Cross Your Fingers

because The Politician says he will wear his costume today at school. He told me Monday that his costume was "only for Halloween day, and not for any other parties" which may explain why he voted no on Sunday. So we shall see. He did say that his friend D was going to be a "fire dog" (dalmation?) and they would walk together during the parade. I will let you know after Mr. Sasha lets me know, because I am stuck in a budget meeting this AM.

Poor Mr. Sasha, he had a load of stuff to drag to the school today.
  • Costume for The Politician (fire chief)
  • Costume for The Wild Child (kitty cat)
  • Cheese and crackers for WC's party
  • Lime sherbert for P's party (for punch? who knows) ($20 bucks that one is still sitting in the freezer at home.....)
  • Motrin and Sudafed for WC
  • Camera to take pics during the parade

I hate it when it's his day to take to school and there's lots of stuff to take. He's even more forgetful than me, if that is at all possible. I bet this morning involved turning around and going back home for something.......

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Go Ahead and Give Me That Award Right Now

I shut The Politician's fingers in the car door last night. I started to shut the driver door because I was going to turn around and get him in his car seat behind me, and he decided to climb up at just the wrong time and put his hand there to help himself up.
I saw it happening, almost in slow motion, and there wasn't anything I could do about it. Damn.
He cried of course, so much that Mr. Sasha heard from inside the house and came to see what was wrong. I was pretty sure that there was going to be blood or missing digits or something, but someone was watching over us and neither was the case.
After the promise of some ice cream, he calmed down and we went on to Sam's as planned to get some Cetaphil lotion, because I tried to get some at Target yesterday and they wanted to rape and pillage me and take my first born child- amazing how much they wanted for it.
So it was a little swollen, but he could make a fist and would even use his other hand and press on his fist to make it tighter. After I posted a query on the bargain board as to whether or not to head to the ER, we decided to give him some Motrin and wait it out.
This morning he seems fine, but is being a little careful with that hand. I told his teacher that his fingers got shut in the car door last night, and The Politician chimed in helpfully "Yes, Momma did it." Thanks for that P.
So I don't even think we need to question it or kid about it anymore, I am the worst mommy ever. I'll take that trophy and hide it in the closet, thank you very much.

Monday, October 29, 2007

A Problem Re-surfaces

I'm a little worried about The Wild Child and what her future profession might be. See, last winter we had a little problem with her. She managed to undress herself (at least partially) pretty much every night. And since we have shitty duct work and her room is just as far from our heating unit as it possible could be, it gets a little cold in her room at night. It got so funny, I started taking pictures of how I found her in the AM. You'll note the Robeez that she has on in all these pics- we discovered that she was unable to take off her pants if she had Robeez on, and as a bonus, they also kept her socks on.

Here she is with one arm through the neck hole.

And one arm out the bottom. (makes much more sense)

And of course, with the shirt completely off.

These pics were taken between Jan and April of this year. After that, she just stopped one day.

But she's started up again, and has taken her pants off the last three nights.

So is she gonna be a stripper???????

At least I tried

Well, last night at the church Halloween carnival, The Politician went costume-less. Sigh. I thought I had the perfect plan this year and was sure he would wear a costume- he even acted excited about the fire chief jacket that I had gotten for him.

But as we were getting out of the Fan (family van) last night I said, "OK, Politician, let's get your costume on!"

Politician: Nah, I don't think so.

Sasha: Are you sure? Everyone will have theirs on.

Politician: No, I don't want to wear it right now.

So we went in and I thought, surely he'll change his mind once he sees everyone in costume.

Nope. I asked him again, and he said "No, Momma, I told you, I don't want to wear a costume."

So there we were, the Sasha family, the only kids in the whole place without a costume. (I had opted not to even try to put a costume on The Wild Child because she is cutting her 2 year molars and was pretty much in a pissy mood.)

Also, chalk another qualificiation up for my Mom of the Year Award, because I forgot to bring a treat or trick bucket for him to carry around. So I ran out to the car and found a random plastic sack for him to use. The upside of all this is that my kids are going to grow up with very low expectations for life since I never have my act together and am never organized.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Just another crazy Saturday

Yesterday was a crazy day. I already told you about the race in the AM. The Wild Child had her very first (other than relatives) birthday party to go to from 1:30-3:30, and the The Politician had one from 5:00-7:00. Mr. Sasha and I tag-teamed it, partly because I had a charity event to go to last night that I needed to get all gussied up for. More on that later.....

I was frantically trying to get ready for the event and noticed that The Wild Child had been pretty quite for a bit. I went in search of her and was greeted with........

The little toot looked at me and said "Uh Oh!"

So I just shut the door and when Mr. Sasha and I passed in the garage as he was coming home from the bday party and I was leaving for my event, I said "There's a surprise for you in our bathroom!"

My charity event was for an organization that I volunteer for (actually, I'm their unpaid bookkeeper....). It was a Dancing With the Stars-type event, and it was pretty fun. Although, I am still disappointed that the bar did not have sour mix, so no Whisky Sours for me. Above is a pic of me all dressed up, which happens about twice a year, if that.

Oh, and here's a pic of my face- I am so pumped about how good my skin looks and will definitely be going back for more! And Nip/Tuck starts back this week! Totally unrelated, but talking about my skin made me think of that. Can't wait to see what Christian Troy is up to.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

30 seconds rocks

So I shaved 30 seconds or so off my 5K time and broke the 30 minute mark!!!!!! I had planned on running in this race this AM for quite a while, and was really excited to try to finish under 30 minutes and make a new personal best. However, I've had a bit of the cha cha cha since Tuesday and was unsure if running this AM would be a good decision. I've been through an entire pack of Imodium this week, and and super pissed off at whoever decided to put them in those Alcatraz-style blister packs that you have to cut open. At 3 AM in a hotel, I gotta tell you, scissors aren't handy. TG for fingernail clippers....

But I digress. So about 8:05 I decided to give it a whirl (after taking another dose of Imodium), picturing myself knocking on someone's door begging for a bathroom) and toss on some clothes and get in the car and drive like a bat because, good Lord, the race starts at 8:30. I barely made it to the race starting point with 2 minutes to spare. They had even moved the chip table. So I got my chip, tied it on, and pretty much started running. It was about 43 degrees, and Mr. Sasha convinced me that I needed to wear pants (my new Champion petite pants from Target!) and a jacket. After about a mile, I was mad at him because my legs were sweating, and I hate sweating.

So I shed my jacket, and had a super run, even though I had sweaty legs. My chip time was 29:30!!!!! Go me! And they had cinnamon crunch bagels at the finish line- score.

And I've felt much better today, so maybe a little exercise was all I needed to work that bothersome bug out of my system. Sorry if this post was TMI!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Home from the casino a little poorer

But not because of the casino.... Actually, I won $40 cash in a door prize drawing at the conference, and I turned that into $63.10 on a penny "Shake Your Booty" machine. Yeah, yeah, it's only $23, but hey, the machine was fun. Except for that smarmy old man that I had to ask to step away because he was standing behind me peering over my shoulder blowing smoke in my face. Listen buddy, if Mr. Sasha does not allow me to smoke, then I just can't have smoke 2 inches from my face because it reminds me how much I miss it. Step away.

And technically, I'm up some other money because I'll get a nice check for about $250 for mileage and per diem. So...... when Mr. Sasha suggested we go shopping last night......

Guess where we went?????

Oh yes, my most favorite store ever. I wanted to check out a North/South bag that a salesperson told me about in Boston. I have specific purse requirements. I really like the lunch tote style bags, and I have a really small frame and non-existent shoulders, so most bags fall off my shoulders and that pisses me off. I need something that I had put on my shoulder and kind of hold on my back with my arm- it's hard to explain, maybe I'll take a pic for ya.

So I wanted to check out that bag. Turns out it would not work for me. But the lovely sales girl listened to what I was looking for and steered me towards.....

The Carly. Isn't she pretty? Mr. Sasha was none too pleased, but I totally threw it back in his face that shopping was all his idea. I would have been totally cool with staying at the hotel and watching The Office. (What did I miss BTW? I haven't gotten to see it yet.)

We also went to Pottery Barn Kids and got The Wild Child a precious pink and white gingham dress with a white peter pan collar for next Easter- half price. And a princess dress-up skirt for under the tree. She's all into "pretty" right now. Also found two casual shirts at Ann Taylor Loft- I love their petite department and can finally not look like I am wearing my big sis's clothes. So I had so much fun shopping!

At my favorite local store, Target, I found a kit to dress up your pumpkin. Have I told you that I am not at all artsy or creative, and carving a pumpkin would be a complete disaster that I'd abandon after about 15 minutes? Well, this kit was perfect for ADD me! And The Politician loved it and had a ball dressing up his pumpkin. And they are totally reusable, so expect to see this year after year. Cause I'm just that lazy.

So it's nice to be home. The kids were super sweet and lovey and missed us terribly, although my parents did a fab job taking care of them. Can't ask for much more than that.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Damn exclusive contracts

The indians have an exclusive contract with none other than Pepsi, which totally pisses me off because my coffee every morning is a nice cold can of Coke, which is nowhere to be found. And since Mr. Sasha drank a six pack while playing golf yesterday, he couldn't drag his ass out of bed in time to go somewhere to get me one while I got ready.

So Pepsi it was, but I must say it's just not the same. I'd love to have a Coke and a smile.....

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Just dropping in to say...

This sure ain't Vegas baby.

See ya in a few

Mr. Sasha and I are off to an indian casino for a few days for a conference for my work. It will be super boring and I am sure I will fall asleep more than a few times. But hopefully lady luck will be good to me at the blackjack tables and I can win enough to get a new Coach while we are there. I'd love some Coach shoes.....

Wish me well!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Blogger ate my post

Last night I wrote the greatest post- seriously I was giggling it as I was typing because it was damn funny! Then I pressed "publish" and it was gone. Chewed up and eaten. Damn.

So I'll try again, but there are no guarantees that it will be as funny.

Last night Mr. Sasha was convinced that the kids needed to go to bed earlier than usual because we all needed to leave the house at 7 (!) to get to my work to get flu shots before the kids go to school. I was laughing inside at him because it totally backfired with The Wild Child and she fought it so hard that she was still awake 30 minutes after her regular bedtime. Mr. Sasha needs him some Lexapro I tell you.

The Politician and I had the following conversation while Mr. Sasha was trying to get The Wild Child to stop throwing her bunny out of her bed.

P: Momma, I am so hungry.

Sasha: Politician, there is no way you are hungry because you ate an entire Taco Puff, and drank a bunch of milk, and hey, you probably even had a million packs of smarties while daddy was playing bathroom barber and giving you a fresh buzz.

P: But Momma, I am sooooooo hungry.

Sasha: See, we are done eating tonight. No more food. It's almost bedtime.

P: That's what the weatherman said.

Sasha: What????

P: I don't know.

So is my son becoming the Michael Scott of our house, and was this his version of That's What She Said? Holy cow, maybe he has a career in comedy! But I don't really get it.....

Monday, October 22, 2007

Ebates Double Bonus Offer

I can't imagine that there is anyone left who doesn't know about ebates, but if you aren't signed up yet, let me be your referrer because it's double bonus time again. Through November 15th, both you and I will get $10 after you make your first purchase.

Click on this link to sign up!

Happy Shopping! By the way, I've gotten checks totaling over $110 back just buying things I would normally buy!

Breaking Thru

So The Politician is making some changes. He was quite funny being as eccentric as he was, but damn, it was too complicated to keep up with all his little quirks. So I am glad to see some of them go.

1. He is going to wear a costume this year!!!! Score one for mom, because I found a fireman jacket that can be worn over street clothes (did we already talk about this?) so it's kinda a combo between not wearing a costume and wearing one. It has spats that you wear over your regular shoes too so he has assured me that he is cool with that too. Which is great because I've spent a small fortune on costumes over the past few years that have gone unworn because they have a flaw (scratchy tag, etc) that is beyond his ability to deal. Last year he worn a parrot visor to treat or treat at the businesses on campus and there were a few stores who looked like they didn't want to give him any candy because he looked costume-less (yes, he had a regular t and shorts on with the visor). Yeah, I know shopkeepers, I tried.

2. Last night I drug a million things out of his closet and asked him if I could try them on him because I need to weed out out-grown stuff because he is finally growing a little. At 4, he is 32 pounds and absolutely bony. Anyway, he told me that he would possibly agree to wear some track pants this year! ("Yeah, I think I could do that Momma.") Another score for mom, because in years past he has only worn jeans or khaki pants. Crazy kid- track pants rock and you've totally been missing out.

3. He has branched out and is finally eating something other than carbs, peanut butter, and chicken nuggets. I have convinced him to eat tostadas ("It's a big chip with beans and sauce!") and Mr. Sasha found that he will eat a Taco Burger. Surely you are familiar with Taco Burgers, but maybe they are regional? It's a hamburger bun with taco meat and cheese, minus shred for the Sasha family. I was pretty sure he was going to grow feathers because he ate so much chicken, but now we have two more dinner possibilities. Oh, and he ate a hamburger the other night! Now if I could just get him to eat fruit. There was an episode last year where I found myself holding him down on the ground trying to stuff a plum in his mouth, and I just decided that wasn't right.

The Wild Child is opposite, she's pretty much a fruititarian. She'll eat any fruit (and chicken nuggets), but will not eat any beef or veggies of any kind. Everyone is talking about this Deceptively Delicious book, but damn, I don't have time to make those purees. Seriously, where in the hell would I fit that in my schedule? Plus the smell of cauliflower makes me throw up.

So Saturday night I went back to my hometown for a wedding of a family friend, and since I have car-colepsy and have a tendency to fall asleep in the car whether I am a passenger or driving, I just stayed the night with my parents so I didn't have to drive after dark. Kinda nice, although that bed sucks and their new house makes all kind of crazy noises at night. They do have a pet skunk (no, not really a pet) that comes on the back porch at night and eats the crickets, so that's kinda cool. Also, mom made me Pepperidge Farm Apple Turnovers with powdered sugar on Sunday morning, so it was like old times, only I wasn't hung over, so it was even better.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Technical help, please

OK, so I am a little technically challenged sometimes. I have an Ipod, and know how to do two things: upload songs from CDs in my possession, and buy songs from

Now how else can I put songs on there? Specifically, if there is a song I like but can't find on itunes, can I get it another way?

I am loving Katy Perry's Waking Up in Vegas and it would be awesome to run to.

Ashley, do you think Big Kid can give me some help?

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Tales From Running

So it's absolutely beautiful in the mornings here right now, nice and cool with a breeze. Like about 50 or so. And I am so hot-natured, I love 50. So this morning I took off for a jog about 9:30 with my ipod on and it felt great.
It felt even better after I found a Coach charm like the one above, just not an "S". See, I live just at the edge of an older edition (about 30 years old), and our road connects to a brand new edition with homes that start around $500K- they are beautiful. So I run there because it's nice to look at them and think "God, how in the hell would I keep that clean, and how would I ever find my kids????" Anyway, I was jogging along when I found a Coach charm in the street! Obviously, someone was climbing into their Lexus or Jag or some such, and it fell off their purse. Now, I've mentioned before that I do carry Coach exclusively, because I think it's a really quality brand and I've carried them since my mom bought me my first one to carry to church when I was about 12. Except for that Dooney episode, which I will tell you about some other time.

There were no cars around at all, so I figured finders, keepers. Like I am going to go knock on doors on that street and ask. So I was all excited and spent my run trying to think of which friend to give it to since it wasn't an "S". I thought of some friends from college, some friends from work, even a friend from BBC. Then I started thinking of last names that began with that letter and adding even more friends to my possible list. It wasn't until I got into my own driveway that I realized... my own last name starts with the letter I found! So it's clipped to my cream bag and just looks adorable!

Big funny today: I was jogging along, listening to some Wakeland from back in the day, and I felt a car slowing down close to me. I thought "Great, some perve who wants to stare at me and this is totally not a neighborhood that this should be happening in." I glanced over and realized that it was Mr. Sasha, who had piled the kiddos in the Fan (family van) and was holding a red paper Coke cup out the window, yelling "Water stop! Water stop! Do you need some water?" just like in a race. Smart ass. But it did taste damn good.

One more thing, and I'll leave you alone. Don't think I am totally stupid, but I downloaded a song that was really fun to run to. Paris Hilton's Stars Are Blind. Yes, I know it's a talentless heiress who recorded it, and yes, I know it's from last summer and wasn't even cool then. But it is catchy and I love it! (to run to)

The Politician Has the Solution

Sasha: Politician, I don't want to see you putting those fake teeth in your mouth while you are eating.

The Politician: Momma, just close your eyes then.

I have a feeling it's going to be an eventful weekend. Stay tuned for more hilarity.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Thank you Little Debbie!

Oh Little Debbie, you made my day!!!!

First, let me tell you that I am always one of the first people to try new products. On Sundays, I scour the coupon inserts and the Target, CVS and Walgreens circulars in search of new products that I simply must try. I'm a busy mom, you know, and I'm all about time-saving and making things easier for me!

I have been big into the 100 calorie snack packs since they came out. Yes, I know that they are not bargain-friendly, but listen, I am not good at portion control and if I open a big bag of something, it's gone before I realize it. So the little bags really help me keep it in check.

So I was so excited to find these 100 Calorie Nutty Bars! I love me some Nutty Bars (second only to Marshmallow Supremes) but they are normally come two to a package, and I can't just eat one. So this new product is perfect for me. I will tell you that I brought them to the office in an effort to hide them from the fam. I mean, they are mine, no one elses. So there.

And one more product I love, Target's liquid medicine dispensing system- they have a little insert that they put in the top of the medicine bottle and you simply insert the dosing syringe, flip the bottle upside down, pull out the amount you need, flip the bottle back up, remove the syringe, and you are ready to go. Target pharmacists rock- I discovered that if you ask, they will even give you the inserts to put in your OTC meds. Yesterday I was at Target at lunch and The Wild Child's school called and asked if I could bring up some Motrin because she was being a carnivore and biting her friends, which we are pretty sure is due to cutting her 2 year molars. It was very convenient that I just happend to be at Target, because I picked up a bottle of generic motrin and headed to the pharmacy counter to ask sweetly for an insert and a syringe. That's pretty much the only place I will fill liquid meds now- even though I have to drag myself to the middle of the store to get the scripts, and I've really loved being able to do the whole CVS-drive-thru thing....

My son the President

I swear my kid is going to be President some day. Last night he was horsing around in the bathtub and I was getting frustrated with him for not listening to me and I said "Politician, do you want me to start counting? PLEASE listen to me."

He said, "Momma, did you know that I love you sooooo much?"

Mr. Sasha and I died laughing. Mr. Sasha reminded me this same situation happened on the way to church on Sunday. We were in a hurry (when are we not?) and I was getting on to The Politician for climbing in the back of the van instead of getting into his carseat. He said "Momma, did you know you look beautiful today?"

What am I going to do with him?

Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Sasha Family Alarm System

This isn't going to win me the Mom of The Year Award (and not that I thought I was a contender anyway), but the above photo is a pic of my living room. Since I can't convince anyone that it's fun to clean up (Laurie Berkner, you lie!) we just pretty much leave it this way until every other Tuesday night when we frantically clean up before our housekeeper comes to do a once over and stir up some dust. She just came yesterday and it already looks like this again.

I justify it by telling myself that it's our alarm system. If anyone dared to break into our house in the dark, we would quickly be awoken by their screams because they would break their neck tripping over toys. So see, I'm saving money. Isn't that the goal of any good bargain hunting mom?

OMG- I am linked to on the Wall Street Journal!

OK, so it's only a link at the bottom of a press release, but isn't that nutty????? I love the WSJ and even won the WSJ Student Achievement award when I was a senior in college as a finance student. I have a cool paperweight to show for it.

Click here to check it out. It's under the "Blog posts about this topic" heading after the press release text.

And yeah, I know it's some automatically generated link thing- but I still feel just a little bit cool.

I am a little cool right?

T shirts

I went yesterday to pick up my t shirt from a 5K I ran in a few weeks back, and I was really disappointed that it was a yucky color. It was kinda latte. Very blah. See, I'm trying to get more cool Ts in size small, because all I have from college are XLs.

I should tell you that I am 5'2" and very small framed. WTH was I thinking getting XLs in college? Every time we would have a sorority date party, I'd order 2 XLs: one for me and one for my 6'0" 185 pound football player boyfriend. You know that was the style in the early 90s- big Ts with the sleeves rolled up. Nutty. And ugly. Why didn't someone tell us? Wait, we also wore Mia shoes and cut-off daisy dukes, and Doc sandals. Crazy how much fashion changes in just a few years.

When I was a sorority advisor a few years back, at a pledge meeting they had the girls answer roll at the first pledge meeting by stating their t shirt size so they would have on record how many of each size to order. Out of 95 girls, all but one said "small", and one poor bigger girl sheepishly said "medium". She really needed a large, but was afraid to say it.

So here's hoping that the Junior Leaguers design better shirts for their run coming up. Surely there's some SAHM with a fashion degree with some time on her hands who can design it. Cute shirt.... cute shirt. Say it with me.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Face Update: Day 7

Finally! I've been try to upload these damn things since lunchtime, but blogger was being snarky. Anyway, here they are. The right side of my face is looking awesome and I just have a few small scabs left (ignore the hint of the double chin please). The left side is where my biggest spots were and they are still pretty scabby. Hopefully by the weekend, I'll be back to normal.

I think I'm going to have to go back and see some spots touched up, but overall I am very pleased. The last epi of Dr. 90210 was about a 37 year old who used to be on Baywatch having a chemical peel to remove sun damage, so I am pretty excited to watch that since that was my other option. Maybe I will still do that... but I think I needed the lasering to get rid of the really bad spots.

A few things

1. Wade Robson, you scare me. Anytime I see a routine you choreograph, I have to change the channel because I will have a nightmare. It's the music you choose, the strange makeup, and the funky dancing- all of it. I just don't like it. Get off my shows.
2. Mr. Sasha, please learn about the concept of time. When I am in a hurry in the AM, please don't decide that you need to spend 8 minutes re-threading the laces in The Politician's new shoes, because seriously, I put those shoes on him last night to go to the mall, and the laces were fine. Also, if you tell me you will run to the kitchen to get The Wild Child's milk, please don't stop to check your CrackBerry. Email can totally wait until your spawn's thirst has been quenched.
3. Doctor who lasered my face, you rock! Now that the scabs are coming off and I am starting to look more normal and less like I have a communicable disease, I totally think the $325 you charged me is going to be worth it! An offshoot of this is that I will probably be seeing for you for a lot of stuff, especially if you continue to send me emails with offers of 50% off of various procedures. If I start to look like Tabitha Stevens, though, you must stop me.
4. Hershey Company, stop it. Why in the world would you start selling your Christmas candy now? I was all prepared to start eating the Candy Cane and Cherry Cordial kisses in November, but October? You are just a money whore and it's pissing me and my weight loss off.
OK, I think that'll do it- have a super day! If the sun ever comes out, I will try to take a pic of my face so you can see the progress. I finally figured out that my camera focuses much better on macro if I don't use the flash.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Pipe dream

Yesterday I entered some photos of the kids in the Gap photo contest. Now, I have no disillusions- although I personally think my kids are pretty cute (what mom doesn't?) I know that there's probably absolutely no chance that they would win. But just for fun, why not?

I entered this one of The Wild Child because I think it's attention-grabbing and she's kinda saying "You better pick me!".

Isn't The Politician just dreamy? Yeah, that's mom speaking again. He has a mild case of plagiocephaly, so hats and sunglasses don't always sit right on his head (actually I think it's a little sideways because he did that on purpose this time), but damn, I could just eat him with a spoon he's so cute. And yeah, I know this pic is a little out of focus, I'm really just as crappy of a photographer as Mr. Sasha.

If this were last year, I would totally enter this shot of The Wild Child. Look at those eyelashes and that cleft in her chin! Such a sweet baby, you'd have never believed she about sent me over the edge and caused some major marital problems.

So wish the Sasha family well, and don't you dare enter your kids and beat us!

Monday, October 15, 2007

TV update

Mr. Sasha and I are very different in some ways- he loves sports and I really couldn't give a damn unless I personally know someone who is playing. When he was playing college football, and the team won the National Championship, I was so excited for him and all his friends and went to every game, even the far away out-of-state games. I was the team's biggest fan. But if I don't know anyone playing, I get super-bored. So, yeah, that's out there now. I really don't like football. Feels better.

And me, I love me some reality TV and Mr. Sasha thinks it's a stupid waste of time. I also love ice skating and I don't think he ever forgive me for dragging him to Stars on Ice. Get over it already.

Anyway, one thing we have the same taste in is TV drama. Amazingly, we love all the same shows. Seriously, all the same shows. It's phenomenal.

So this year we are watching two new (one is just new to us) dramas.

Why we didn't watch Friday Night Lights last year, I don't know. Oh wait, I do. It's because we didn't watch any TV because The Wild Child was going to be the death of us since SHE NEVER SLEPT and cried all the time. At one point I told Mr. Sasha that if I didn't need his help so much, I'd ask him to leave. That's how bad it all was. Crazy how much difference a year makes.

A friend at work raves about this show and since Mr. Sasha lurves football, I thought we'd give it a try. We love it! Now one interesting thing is that this show is quite different from the book it was spun off from, which just happens to be one of the two books Mr. Sasha has ever read. (The other book is Bootlegger's Boy.) Interesting tidbit: We personally know one of the guys profiled in the book- we went to college with him and he married one of my sorority sisters.

I know Mr. Sasha has big dreams of The Politician following in Mr. Sasha and all of his relatives' footsteps and playing college ball. I'm just not sure it's in the cards for a little guy who is less than the 20 percentile for weight.... I think he's going to take after my side of the family and my dad is only 5'7". I do have plans for The Politician to start running with me and set some records here in the next few years. My friend's little boy just beat the town 2nd grade 1 mile record, and we can totally take him.

The other new one is Dirty Sexy Money. It's delicious! The whole ring tone thing is hilarious and I always dig cheeky humor. What a f-ed up family and it totally makes me glad I'm not loaded- money just comes with problems, and I certainly don't have any extra time to deal with problems, we all know that.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

So WTH did I do to my face?

You know, I did not explain what I did to my face very well.

Here is the description from the literature I got from the doctor: "A Photofacial is actually a series of gentle (bullshit) pulsed light treatments that dramatically improve your skin's appearance by eliminating minor imperfections using Intense Pulse Light technology."

Yeah, so basically lasering. We started with one machine, and at one point, they had me switch rooms to use a different laser to zap the blood vessels around my nose. Then I went back to the original machine and they said they need to switch to the "V laser" to do the really dark hyperpigmentatin spots, which I can only assume stands for "Very Bad". But seriously, it really didn't hurt and was not uncomfortable at all.

The literature says you are a candidate for Photofacial if you have: broken capillaries, unwanted freckles, acne scars, sun spots, large pores, dark circles under your eyes, rosacea, and generally just have crappy skin that makes you look older than you are (I added that last one).

No photo update today because it basically looks the same. Hopefully tomorrow it will look better and I'll post a pic. It sure better look better by Saturday because I have a wedding and reception to go to that will be sort of swanky and I don't want to look like I have flesh-eating bacteria while there.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Face Update: Day 4

So my face is looking a little better. Definitely less swollen under my eyes. We are fixing to go to a tailgate thing that most of Mr. Sasha's family will be at, so I know I'll have to explain myself a million times and I'm starting to feel vain. Was it nutty to have sun damage lasered off? I really didn't think it was, but I am starting to doubt myself.

Today's funny: The Politician just told us he wanted catfish for lunch. Catfish? WTH? I've never cooked cafish. I refuse to cook anything that swims in my house because of the after-smell. So he is now eating a mini chicken sandwich.

Also, I ran OUTSIDE today, which I never do. I ran my route from a few years ago that I used to run before training for my first 5K. I wasn't sure how long it was, but I was pretty sure it was about 3 miles, and I finished so fast, I was pumped- like I am Olympic bound! I did get in my car and drive it out a bit ago, and turns out it's just under 2 miles. Bummer.

Mr. Sasha might just be a photographer after all

The day at the farm was lots of fun and to my surprise, Mr. Sasha actually took some good photos. I sent him with the old crappy camera (the display doesn't even work, so you can't even see if your picture took) because I don't trust him with the $280 camera.

Although The Politician did decide that this time he would try touching the animals, he balked at touching the above pig, who evidently was emitting some terrible groaning. The Politician said "Daddy, I am not touching that pig because it looks like something is wrong with him!" Smart kid.

Big thanks to my friend Kristin for blurring out the words on The Politician's t-shirt. Can't have any crazies doing FBI style detective work and coming to find us!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Hair: Blonde or Brown

Now, I reserve the right to delete these at any time, so comment away quick and let me know what hair color suits me better. The top pic is colored (pic taken summer 06 when The Wild Child was about 7 months old), and the bottom pic is my natural color (taken TG 05 before The Wild Child was born). I did the Kelly Ripa thing and let it grow out while I was pregnant, just because I was too lazy to get it done. I know I look like shit in the bottom pic, but I was not enjoying my pregnancy and had just been put on bedrest for PIH. That'll piss anyone off.

Now, I don't go back for a hair appt until Nov 20-something, so I won't be doing anything before then, but I'd like some honest opinions on what suits me best. Ignore the big belly and squinty eyes in the pregnancy pic and don't let that influcence your decision.

Face: Day 3

OK, so whatever fluid was in the blisters has gone down, but the dark brown areas are still there and I am still very puffy in the area underneath my eyes. Yesterday at my meeting with our insurance carrier, the head dude was kinda looking at my like "WTF is wrong w/ her and are we having to pay for it?". So I told them what I've been telling pretty much everyone else I pass in the street, "Don't mind my face- I had some lasering done. No big."

I know the picture above sucks- it's super hard to take a pic of my face myself and although viewing screen flips around so you can see it for self-portraits, I can't figure out the damn focusing because the little box disappears. But you get the idea. Those brown spots are all over both cheeks and look worse in person actually.

During my day of beauty Wednesday I also got my hair did, and I'm wondering about the whole blonde thing. I wonder if I look better with my natural color, although last time I let it grow it people would look completely shocked when they saw me and always say "Hmmm.... You just don't look right with brown hair." So I'll look for some pics and you can tell me what you think.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

New Face: Day 2 update

Well, I'm just not sure their definition of "no down time" is the same as mine. My makeup just doesn't cover these dime-size brown blisters all over my face. Seriously, I have like 6 on each cheek, and it looks pretty nasty. And also, my face is kinda swollen. Like under my eyes and stuff. And I have a meeting with some VIPs today....

Yesterday when I picked The Politician up from school, his little girlfriend A said, "Hey, your face looks weird." Yeah, yeah, I know. The price of beauty is high. Prepare yourself A, it'll be you someday.

So we'll see. These results better be earth-shattering and land me a spot in the Mrs. American contest. Actually, I'll be happy if I just don't look like I spent too much time in the sun. I have my 15 year HS reunion next month and I want to justify that "Look the Youngest" award thing.

On to other things:

This morning when getting dressed, The Politician said "My bottom is getting too big for my underwear." WTH? He has the smallest butt ever, and no way are his undies too small. In fact, if I got the next size up, they would fall off him. He is still wearing a 18 month or 2T short because his butt is so small. I don't know where he gets this shit, but it is comedy and blog material, so I'm not complaining.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Guys, You should know

At the dinner table, The Politician just told us "Guys, you should know that I'm done with dinner, you know."

Anxious and Excited

In just a few minutes, I am leaving work to go to a consultation at a medical spa. I have some super-bad hyper pigmentation on my face as a lovely souvenir of my pregnancies and wacky hormones. My BFF is going to have "pixelating" or some such done on hers, and she suggested that I make an appointment too.

While there, I am also going to ask about:
  • These stupid deep lines that go from the edges of my nose to the corners of my mouth
  • Some sun damage spots from worshipping the sun for way too long
  • My indentation on the side of my face from forceps when I was born

So I am super excited because let me tell you, if you look closely, my skin looks way older than almost 34. And I was voted "Most Likely to Look the Youngest in 10 Years" when we graduated high school. I was also voted "Most Likely to Still Live in This Town", but I did get the hell out of Dodge, so there.

I did have fat transfer done about 6 years ago on my forceps indentation, but the doctor said one time probably wouldn't be enough. So I'll report back with what the doc says, and hopefully it won't cost a million dollars or anything crazy like that.

Edited to add: Well, evidently I have so much damage that I needed a "Photo Facial" rather than the pixel stuff. Basically, lasering off all the bad stuff. So $325 later and about 2 hours later (part of that was the wait time, not the procedure), here I am back at work looking like I am rather sunburned, and my skin kinda feel fiery. But they tell me that all the brown stuff will slough off and I will look radiant! That wasn't their exact words, but that's what I'm thinking. I totally should have taken a before shot, but you know DH can't take pictures, and every time I try to take one of myself I end up looking like an elf with a really big nose.

We decided to deal with the pigmentation stuff before tackling the lines and the dent. I swear I'm not going to go all Dr. 90210 on you, but I can totally see how whats-her-face (the porn girl on Dr. 90210) got addicted to plastic surgery. It's awfully nice to have someone tell you how pretty you are (yeah, you just want my $325) and how their quick and easy procedure is going to make you even prettier. Although I would draw the lines at Dr. Rey fondling my breasts and telling me how cute they are.

And if anyone is wondering about the pain factor, I'm not a good judge. After that failed epidural, I feel no pain. Seriously, if that was a 10 on the pain scale, nothing else I've ever experienced can even be a 1, that's how bad childbirth was. Not to scare you or anything if you are currently a pregnant mom-to-be, just be ready to raise some hell if you don't think it's working.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

My 4 year old just called me "Sweetie"

Yeah, you read that right. The Politician just called me "Sweetie". He was telling me about being hungry, and I said, "Sweetie, you can't be hungry- we just ate!" And he said, "But, Sweetie, I want some ice cream!"

He is picking up everything I say and it is hilarious. He starts his sentences with "Probably" or "Actually" and he just started saying "You know" at the end of his sentences. But it's a little out of context, so that makes it even funnier. "I need my socks on, you know."

And Mr. Sasha has convinced him that "Stupid" is a bad word and The Politician gets onto me at least once a day for saying it. Isn't that stupid?

But I totally discovered he likes tostadas so that's one more thing he can eat for dinner. Score.

He also was making up words again and telling me they were Spanish today. He told me "van" in Spanish is "vano" and I really don't think that's true......

Little Mr. Bossy

The Politician's teacher stopped me this morning and said she wanted to tell me about something that happend yesterday. I was all prepared for the "your son is stripping off all his clothes before he goes to the bathroom" speech, but instead, she told me the funniest story.

Today is the big field trip to the farm. Evidentally yesterday was all about preparing for the trip and discussing rules, etc.

Anyway, at some point yesterday The Politician gathered some of the kids up and wanted to go over everything to make sure they were all clear on the rules. So she said he stood there looking just like me when I have something important to say, pointed his finger at everyone, and said stuff like, "Now remember, during the field trip, you do not turn your listening ears off. We will all wear our blue shirt, and we will all ride in our car seats."

So the story goes that I was Little Miss Bossy when I was a kid (and my friends would probably tell you I still am), and it appears the he is following in my footsteps. I'm not sure if that is a curse or not, we shall see.

Since I am short on vacation days, Mr. Sasha is driving the van and taking 3 of The Politician's friends with them to the farm. I am crushed that I am going to miss out on this car ride, cause I imagine it will be hilarious. His little girlfriend A called last night (yes, they are 4) and they chatted about the trip for about 5 seconds, until he got tired of talking on the phone and handed it to me to continue the convo. Then A asked to speak to Mr. Sasha and chatted with him about it too.

I did send the (old) camera with Mr. Sasha, but he takes crappy pictures so I doubt I will have any to post for you.

Monday, October 8, 2007


MAN TAG from ClemsonGirl and The Coach:

1. Who is your man? Mr. Sasha

2. How long have you been married? Since 1999, although it's so hard to believe it's been 8 years

3. How long dated? Like in a row, without taking breaks? That's too hard... Started dating in Jan 1993 and dated off and on until we got engaged in Spring 1999

4. How old is your man? Only 3 1/2 months older than me, although he graduated a year before me

5. Who eats more? Like healthy food? He takes that one. But sugar and empty calories? I win that hands down.

6. Who said "I love you" first? I *think* it might have been me. I was so enamored seeing as how he was this big strong football player.

7. Who is taller? Mr. Sasha is 6'0" and I am a measly 5'2".

8. Who sings better? Neither of us can carry a tune in a bucket.

9. Who is smarter? That's touchy- I have more common sense, but he has more patience to learn book stuff. If I don't pick it up in 5 minutes, I can't spend any more time on it.

10. Whose temper is worse? Yeah, that'd be me. Like head-spinning-around-three-times temper with fire in my eyes. I have actually scared Mr. Sasha a few times.

11. Who does the laundry? Mr. Sasha is not allowed to do laundry after the bleaching incident of 2000.

12. Who takes out the garbage? That's a toss-up- actually we both do, but I push it out to the street on Mondays because I think he will forget if I don't do it before I leave for work.

13. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Wait, the right like if you are looking at the bed, or if you are laying down in it? This is the kind of question that drives Mr. Sasha crazy. If you are standing at the foot of the bed looking at it, I sleep on the right.

14. Who pays the bills? All me, since Mr. Sasha does not believe in writing down his checks, he is relegated to his own account and not allowed to touch mine (the joint account). And did I tell you he used to be a damn good financial planner? Just can't do his own finances.

15. Who is better with the computer? Mr. Sasha is just now figuring how to attach documents.

16. Who mows the lawn? I have never mowed and don't plan to. When Mr. Sasha had his car accident and arm surgery, we hired someone to do it for us. I way too dainty.

17. Who cooks dinner? I go once a month and do those freezer meal package things, and other than that we both do a little cooking.

18. Who drives when you are together? Depends on which car we are in- we each drive when in our own car usually.

19. Who pays when you go out? Since I am queen of the checkbook, normally me.

20. Who is most stubborn? Oh yeah, me again. But it's OK since I know it, right?

21. Who is the first to admit when they are wrong? Neither!

22. Whose parents do you see the most? It's probably about equal, but I don't have to go buy beer when my parents are coming over.

23. Who kissed who first? I belive the story goes that I basically climbed in his lap in the car and started kissing him. This was thanks to a little Everclear.

24. Who asked who out? He definitely asked me out. And I had to miss my favorite band to go.

25. Who proposed? Well, Mr. Sasha was being pokey about it, so I went ahead and reserved the church before he'd actually proposed. (He doesn't know that) Hey, I had to schedule it around football season!

26. Who is more sensitive? I am super-sensitive and get worried that someone is mad at me if I don't talk to them for a few days.

27. Who has more friends? I'd say me, but Mr. Sasha has a lot of friends from the days of college football, and you know how snarky girls can be.

28. Who has more siblings? Mr. Sasha has two and I have none.

29. Who wears the pants in the family? Me, of course.

And now I TAG: East Coast Girl in the Midwest

Beyond tacky

You know how sometimes at wedding or baby showers they have you fill out your own name and address on an envelope for the honoree to use for thank you notes? I think that is so tacky. I totally pisses me off to get that card in the mail that I addressed myself.

But I recently went to a baby shower that totally topped that. Not only did the do the envelope thing, they also had us write our own name and our gift in her baby book on the "Gifts" page as we entered the shower! I about died. I don't blame the shower honoree, because it was probably something the hostesses thought of. Stupid bitches.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

One more quick thing

So The Politician did the "I have to strip off all my clothes to poop" thing tonight- at Mr. Sasha's sister's house. So just like I was afraid of, it's not just at home... damn. What the hell am I going to do about this- and what's behind this weirdness?


So are my kids the only ones in the world (or at least my town) who still take naps on the weekends? Because we have not one, but two, separate birthday party invitations to parties that occur during nap time during the next few weeks!!!!!!

I guess the one for The Politician I'm not that mad about, because I think some 4 year old have stopped taking naps. But The Wild Child? Who expects an almost 2 year old to not take an afternoon nap? The party is from 1:30-3:30 so I'm not sure how that's going to work, but we are going to try it. There was a flurry of emails between three of us moms with invited kids, and we all agreed that it was crazy, but the hay ride sounds fun, so what the hell. We'll throw caution to the wind.....

I do want to say, I know the reason that they are having them mid-afternoon- to avoid serving lunch or dinner. Seriously people, you can get a few $5 pizzas from Little Caesars and feed everyone- stop being so damn cheap! So I guess my kid will eat your cake at 4 pm and then boycott dinner.

Short post... I've got to go watch the reunion show for Rock of Love. (I told you, it's trashtastic!)

Daddy is home from The Big Game

So Mr. Sasha did not get home from The Big Game until after 11 pm last night, and the kids had not seen him since Friday morning, because, you know, The Big Game is a two day affair.

Anyway, I let Mr. Sasha sleep in a little since he was so kind to me after the Fall Festival and let me do the same. So The Politician was watching a little Tigger and Pooh, and The Wild Child and I were doing a puzzle (hooray for not reading the George and Bunny book!) in the living room.

When he finally woke up, Mr. Sasha was so excited to see the kids, but alas, The Politician was too into his TV.

Mr. Sasha: Hi guys! I missed you so much!

The Wild Child: Daddy!

The Politician: silence.......

Sasha: Politician, your daddy wants to give you a hug- he's excited to see you!

The Politician: But momma, can't you see I'm busy??????

Mr. Sasha was crushed, but understands the importance of not missing an epi of your favorite show.

Friday, October 5, 2007

A Good Time Was Had by All

Well, we made it! This morning when The Politician woke up at freakin 5:30 am he asked me, "Momma, is Thomas going to be there today?" I said, "Yes, of course, I promise he will be there." All the while thinking to myself, surely there's no way I'm wrong again, and if so, someone should take my kids away cause I'm no more suited to be a parent than Britney.

He had an absolute blast and it was worth the $40 for the tickets, and the $14 t-shirt, $12 Diesel 10 train, and $14 picture. Gee, that turned out to be an expensive day- and yes, I spent more than I usually would because of my screw up yesterday.

By the way, I do not have an asymmetric haircut, one side is just sort of behind The Politician's head. Just wanted to make sure you all don't think I'm living back in 1984. But isn't The Politician the cutest thing ever?

ClemsonGirl, I am happy to report that there was no petting zoo. There was a temporary tattoo tent, but The Politician is against stickers and tattoos as a general rule, so that was off limits. There was of course, the aforementioned store, there was a big tent with lots of train tables set up with various tracks and trains, and several picture-taking opportunities. A weekday is definitely the way to go, even if I did have to take a half-day of vacation.

One last note, the workers were very bored-looking teenagers, and I am wondering if it was some type of community service project as a punishment for drinking, etc. Because they were so much more into texting on their phones than into making sure the kiddos had fun. Punks.
Edited to remove pic with me in it. That shirt totally made me look fat. Sorry if you missed it.

Off to See the Wizard

Actually, The Politician and I are off to see Thomas this morning. Mr. Sasha is leaving town for The Big Game, so it was all me today. I hope that Sir Topham Hat wakes up in time and has it all ready for us.... cause The Politician might just freak out at two days in a row of disappointment.... Let's hope for the best!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Holy crap

Mr. Sasha just called me from the Thomas location- guess what? The tickets I bought online were for tomorrow, NOT today. Good Lord- I just can't get it all together.... I feel terrible, they drove all the way up there, The Politician was so excited that it was today...... Plus now Mr. Sasha is going to have to take him to school, and his teachers and everyone think he's going to Thomas today.... So they'll be all, "How was Thomas, Politician?" and he'll be all "Yeah, my momma is stupid and bought tickets for tomorrow. Thomas isn't even here today."

And the Catholics will all be laughing at me, and wondering if they should call CPS on me since I obviously can't get my shit together.

The perils of an 8-to-5 job

It's days like today that I am so jealous of Mr. Sasha. About 15 months ago, he quit his awesome job (that came with a company car, auto insurance, and unlimited gas for personal use) to start his own company. He was able to do this partly because my job is awesome and comes with free insurance coverage for the whole family.

But my awesome job also comes with a limited amount of vacation time. So here I sit with 3 months to go in the year, and only 2 1/2 days of vacation left...... Sitting at my computer at work while Mr. Sasha is taking The Politician to Day Out With Thomas. I would love to go too, but I figure I better save those vacation days in case something comes up.

Poor pitiful me. (Thanks for listening! I'll snap out of it now!)

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Sasha's Laminated "List"

Disappointingly, the kiddos did not do anything really funny or interesting yesterday, other than The Politician telling me that "the red paint just jumped up on his face" when I ask him what in the world happened at school to make him look like such an urchin child. One of my friends was doing a "picture party" on Monday night from 5:30-7:30, where a photographer comes for a few hours, and families come and go and have little 15 minute photo shoots. When my friend invited us, Mr. Sasha and I had a good laugh, because our kids look like they have been running around the trailer park all day and although we bathed them the night before, you'd never know it. Seriously, we can't go anywhere after picking them up from school because they look homeless.

Anyway, with all this talk of girls crushes, I thought I'd share with you my "List" of guys, a la Friends. You know, the epi where Ross tells everybody about his "list" and how he can hook up with any of these people should the opportunity ever present itself, and Rachel can't get mad.

1. Josh Lucas. Especially in Sweet Home Alabama. Now, I was going to put Matthew McConaughey here, but I couldn't easily find a hot pic of him, so Josh, you lucky dog you, #1 is all yours.

2. Michael Vartan. In Alias, and possibly in The Curve.

3. Matthew Fox. Mr. Sasha and I used to watch Party of Five, and he did not know that for me, it was all for Foxy. And now that's he's on Lost......

4. Chuck Wicks. Hot country singer from the TV show Nashville (which I just heard got cancelled, and I am so sorry Nashville cast, it is all because I was watching and really liking your shows).

5. Alex Van Camp. Did anyone else in the whole world watch Paradise Hotel? This is absolutely my favorite reality show ever, and he is just so adorable and totally someone I would have tried to hook up with in college.

So there's my list. Laminated. So if the opportunity should ever present itself, I am sure all five would be glad to know that I'm still available for them.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Woo Hoo

So today I got linked to by my blog idol (and girl crush) Ashley! Way cool and it totally made my day. I've been commenting on her blog for a while, screaming "Notice me, notice me!" and she did!

Really, she's super cool and the reason I started blogging. When Monogram Momma linked to Ashley's blog earlier this summer, I read once and was hooked. The adventures of Big Kid and Little Kid crack me up, and it's nice to know that there's someone else out there who appreciates wit and dry humor and can find the funny in everyday situations. Ashley, thanks much for the recognition- it means a lot!

Learning Spanish

Periodically The Politician will share with me some stuff he learns in Spanish class. He goes everyday, and is actually picking up quite a lot. And Ms. Martha, his teacher, says his pronunciation is really good- and it's really cute too (that's me saying that part, although I imagine she thinks he is pretty cute too). When he was younger, he sometimes would learn the Spanish word before he learned the English word- the above picture being an example. He pointed to a horse and said "caballo" before he could say "horse".
So last night:
The Politician: says "Boom-ba" as The Wild Child is walking by
Me: Politician, don't call her names!
The Politician: Momma, it's not a bad name, it's Spanish!
Me: Hmmmmm..... What does it mean?
The Politician: Sister. And Boom-boo means brother.
Me: Really? I didn't know that.
The Politician: No, Momma. I'm just kidding! (and collapses into laughter)
So now it's kind like The Boy Who Cried Wolf... will I ever be able to trust The Politician's Spanish lessons again?

Monday, October 1, 2007

Just So You Know

I wanted to tell you how to pronounce my name. Because my mother was nutty and did not pronounce it the way most people would (Sosh-uh).

So my name is pronounced Sash-uh. Like a sash on a dress. And my family calls me Sash- and you can too!

And that is why I named my children names with only one pronounciation option. And that are easily spelled. Because I always have to spell my first and last name and it gets old. Plus I have worked at the same place for 10 years and people STILL call me Sosh-uh. But I do understand because it is a complicated name.

I justed wanted you to know in case we get to be great friends and meet up someday, or in case I get to be really famous and you hear about me on TV. I don't want you to have to say "Damn, I've been calling her Sosh-uh for 5 years!"

Mobile Homes and Eye Pokings

So last night after I watched the Rock of Love finale (so trashtastic) Mr. Sasha wanted to watch the Earl epi from Thursday. Now, I used to love Earl, but it lost a little of it's funniness last year and I was frankly very tired last night and it was 10:00 so I started it for Mr. Sasha because he is lacking in technical skills and can't figure out the Tivo remote, took off my glasses and closed my eyes. I was still listening however, so I caught the best line ever.

I know where your momma parks your house!

Tee hee. Now, I'm totally not making fun of mobile homes (well, just a little) and to puncutate that I'll tell you that my family lived in one for a year after I was born. So see, I'm not being mean.

Also, we may have to call The Politician a new name- Steel Trap. I swear, if you tell him something once or something little happens just once, he will remember it forever and bring it up when you least expect it. Background: He often accidentally pokes himself in the eye and absolutely freaks out and this lasts for hours. It may have something to do with him having blocked tear ducts as a baby and having surgery at 18 months to insert tubes around his eye lids that he had to keep in for 6 months, and a little incident that involved me having to surgically remove one of the tubes myself with him in his carseat in the driveway because he managed to pull it out a little and at the instruction of the dr I had to cut it and pull it out!

Anyway, last night before bed Mr. Sasha accidentally poked The Politician in the eye while they were reading books before bed. A wet washcloth held over the eye usually helps calm him down, and it worked last night and he went to bed just fine. But this AM when I woke him up, he said "Momma, I do not want Daddy to help me get ready for school this morning. He poked me in the eye last night and it still hurts." So I had to get a wet washcloth all over again..... Crazy kid.