Monday, October 1, 2007

Mobile Homes and Eye Pokings

So last night after I watched the Rock of Love finale (so trashtastic) Mr. Sasha wanted to watch the Earl epi from Thursday. Now, I used to love Earl, but it lost a little of it's funniness last year and I was frankly very tired last night and it was 10:00 so I started it for Mr. Sasha because he is lacking in technical skills and can't figure out the Tivo remote, took off my glasses and closed my eyes. I was still listening however, so I caught the best line ever.

I know where your momma parks your house!

Tee hee. Now, I'm totally not making fun of mobile homes (well, just a little) and to puncutate that I'll tell you that my family lived in one for a year after I was born. So see, I'm not being mean.

Also, we may have to call The Politician a new name- Steel Trap. I swear, if you tell him something once or something little happens just once, he will remember it forever and bring it up when you least expect it. Background: He often accidentally pokes himself in the eye and absolutely freaks out and this lasts for hours. It may have something to do with him having blocked tear ducts as a baby and having surgery at 18 months to insert tubes around his eye lids that he had to keep in for 6 months, and a little incident that involved me having to surgically remove one of the tubes myself with him in his carseat in the driveway because he managed to pull it out a little and at the instruction of the dr I had to cut it and pull it out!

Anyway, last night before bed Mr. Sasha accidentally poked The Politician in the eye while they were reading books before bed. A wet washcloth held over the eye usually helps calm him down, and it worked last night and he went to bed just fine. But this AM when I woke him up, he said "Momma, I do not want Daddy to help me get ready for school this morning. He poked me in the eye last night and it still hurts." So I had to get a wet washcloth all over again..... Crazy kid.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, sister. I have tears in my eyes from laughing about the eye poking and Mr. Sasha. Luvs it.