Saturday, October 13, 2007

Face Update: Day 4

So my face is looking a little better. Definitely less swollen under my eyes. We are fixing to go to a tailgate thing that most of Mr. Sasha's family will be at, so I know I'll have to explain myself a million times and I'm starting to feel vain. Was it nutty to have sun damage lasered off? I really didn't think it was, but I am starting to doubt myself.

Today's funny: The Politician just told us he wanted catfish for lunch. Catfish? WTH? I've never cooked cafish. I refuse to cook anything that swims in my house because of the after-smell. So he is now eating a mini chicken sandwich.

Also, I ran OUTSIDE today, which I never do. I ran my route from a few years ago that I used to run before training for my first 5K. I wasn't sure how long it was, but I was pretty sure it was about 3 miles, and I finished so fast, I was pumped- like I am Olympic bound! I did get in my car and drive it out a bit ago, and turns out it's just under 2 miles. Bummer.

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Kate said...

How you feeling Sash? My boss had some laser treatments on her face for a port wine stain and she said it was horrid. Of course, I had to make it better by giving her a card that said I was glad her face hadn't turned to hamburger!! (her phrase, not mine...she was a bit worried and had a couple of melanoma's in the birthmark) Anything I can do to cheer up a friend!!!