Thursday, October 4, 2007

Holy crap

Mr. Sasha just called me from the Thomas location- guess what? The tickets I bought online were for tomorrow, NOT today. Good Lord- I just can't get it all together.... I feel terrible, they drove all the way up there, The Politician was so excited that it was today...... Plus now Mr. Sasha is going to have to take him to school, and his teachers and everyone think he's going to Thomas today.... So they'll be all, "How was Thomas, Politician?" and he'll be all "Yeah, my momma is stupid and bought tickets for tomorrow. Thomas isn't even here today."

And the Catholics will all be laughing at me, and wondering if they should call CPS on me since I obviously can't get my shit together.


Mrs. Whogas said...

Hey, Sasha, got your blog from Ashley's site...loving it. I added you to my "to visit" link on my newly created blog site at - hope that's ok!

Kate said...

Sash are you trying to impersonate me again? that is totally something I'd do!

clemsongirlandthecoach said...

sweetie, just have a little Catholic'll be FIIIINE.

Thomas sucks. hee hee