Thursday, October 11, 2007

New Face: Day 2 update

Well, I'm just not sure their definition of "no down time" is the same as mine. My makeup just doesn't cover these dime-size brown blisters all over my face. Seriously, I have like 6 on each cheek, and it looks pretty nasty. And also, my face is kinda swollen. Like under my eyes and stuff. And I have a meeting with some VIPs today....

Yesterday when I picked The Politician up from school, his little girlfriend A said, "Hey, your face looks weird." Yeah, yeah, I know. The price of beauty is high. Prepare yourself A, it'll be you someday.

So we'll see. These results better be earth-shattering and land me a spot in the Mrs. American contest. Actually, I'll be happy if I just don't look like I spent too much time in the sun. I have my 15 year HS reunion next month and I want to justify that "Look the Youngest" award thing.

On to other things:

This morning when getting dressed, The Politician said "My bottom is getting too big for my underwear." WTH? He has the smallest butt ever, and no way are his undies too small. In fact, if I got the next size up, they would fall off him. He is still wearing a 18 month or 2T short because his butt is so small. I don't know where he gets this shit, but it is comedy and blog material, so I'm not complaining.

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Rebecca said...

Kids and underwear are weird. I was doing laundry last week and glanced at the tag of some of my 10 son's underwear. They were a 4T. I don't know if they ran big or his butt just stretched them out as he grew or what....but those things got tossed! I'm just shocked that they lasted so long without a....well...accident (erm, boys never really learn how to wipe effectively) to ruin them. They must have been his lucky pair.

clemsongirlandthecoach said...

hmmm. i am having the same problem. i'm gonna say that the panties shrunk. the alternative is too appalling...

k e r r y said...

So what exactly are you having done to your skin? Is it lasering? Do you know what the technology is called?


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