Monday, October 29, 2007

A Problem Re-surfaces

I'm a little worried about The Wild Child and what her future profession might be. See, last winter we had a little problem with her. She managed to undress herself (at least partially) pretty much every night. And since we have shitty duct work and her room is just as far from our heating unit as it possible could be, it gets a little cold in her room at night. It got so funny, I started taking pictures of how I found her in the AM. You'll note the Robeez that she has on in all these pics- we discovered that she was unable to take off her pants if she had Robeez on, and as a bonus, they also kept her socks on.

Here she is with one arm through the neck hole.

And one arm out the bottom. (makes much more sense)

And of course, with the shirt completely off.

These pics were taken between Jan and April of this year. After that, she just stopped one day.

But she's started up again, and has taken her pants off the last three nights.

So is she gonna be a stripper???????


Kate said...

My Dancer used to strip too. There wasn't a day I went to daycare where I didn't hear "Dancer took her clothes off today". I was like, she's 2 so what??? Until she started stripping off her pj's....and diapers...and painting with shit. She used to wear the all in one pj's and I started pinning the zipper to them...Mom - 1 Dancer - .5. The WC sure is a doll though!

Traci Anne said...

*laugh* You should be fine. My mom used to worry about me when I was teeny weeny because unless I was dressed to the nines (we're talking frilly dress, frilly bow, frilly socks or tights, mary janes), I'd wiggle out of my clothes and run around in a diaper.

Admittedly, I've gone through some pretty ridiculous fashion phases, but "skank" has never been one of them ;)

She is a DOLL, she looks so happy!