Monday, October 15, 2007

TV update

Mr. Sasha and I are very different in some ways- he loves sports and I really couldn't give a damn unless I personally know someone who is playing. When he was playing college football, and the team won the National Championship, I was so excited for him and all his friends and went to every game, even the far away out-of-state games. I was the team's biggest fan. But if I don't know anyone playing, I get super-bored. So, yeah, that's out there now. I really don't like football. Feels better.

And me, I love me some reality TV and Mr. Sasha thinks it's a stupid waste of time. I also love ice skating and I don't think he ever forgive me for dragging him to Stars on Ice. Get over it already.

Anyway, one thing we have the same taste in is TV drama. Amazingly, we love all the same shows. Seriously, all the same shows. It's phenomenal.

So this year we are watching two new (one is just new to us) dramas.

Why we didn't watch Friday Night Lights last year, I don't know. Oh wait, I do. It's because we didn't watch any TV because The Wild Child was going to be the death of us since SHE NEVER SLEPT and cried all the time. At one point I told Mr. Sasha that if I didn't need his help so much, I'd ask him to leave. That's how bad it all was. Crazy how much difference a year makes.

A friend at work raves about this show and since Mr. Sasha lurves football, I thought we'd give it a try. We love it! Now one interesting thing is that this show is quite different from the book it was spun off from, which just happens to be one of the two books Mr. Sasha has ever read. (The other book is Bootlegger's Boy.) Interesting tidbit: We personally know one of the guys profiled in the book- we went to college with him and he married one of my sorority sisters.

I know Mr. Sasha has big dreams of The Politician following in Mr. Sasha and all of his relatives' footsteps and playing college ball. I'm just not sure it's in the cards for a little guy who is less than the 20 percentile for weight.... I think he's going to take after my side of the family and my dad is only 5'7". I do have plans for The Politician to start running with me and set some records here in the next few years. My friend's little boy just beat the town 2nd grade 1 mile record, and we can totally take him.

The other new one is Dirty Sexy Money. It's delicious! The whole ring tone thing is hilarious and I always dig cheeky humor. What a f-ed up family and it totally makes me glad I'm not loaded- money just comes with problems, and I certainly don't have any extra time to deal with problems, we all know that.


Smoochiefrog said...

I won't admit liking one of the shows you mentioned due to being stalked by the network executives who cancel every show I like. I'm sure it's bound to happen though since NO ONE watches TV on Fridays. Crap, I did it again.

Tickled Pink And Green said...

I had my wild child 12 years ago, and that is why I never had another one.....until (oops) a surprise accident just 17 months ago. Luckily this one isn't as bad, although she's very active and into everything. My first one never stopped crying and never slept. It was a freakin nightmare.