Friday, October 19, 2007

Thank you Little Debbie!

Oh Little Debbie, you made my day!!!!

First, let me tell you that I am always one of the first people to try new products. On Sundays, I scour the coupon inserts and the Target, CVS and Walgreens circulars in search of new products that I simply must try. I'm a busy mom, you know, and I'm all about time-saving and making things easier for me!

I have been big into the 100 calorie snack packs since they came out. Yes, I know that they are not bargain-friendly, but listen, I am not good at portion control and if I open a big bag of something, it's gone before I realize it. So the little bags really help me keep it in check.

So I was so excited to find these 100 Calorie Nutty Bars! I love me some Nutty Bars (second only to Marshmallow Supremes) but they are normally come two to a package, and I can't just eat one. So this new product is perfect for me. I will tell you that I brought them to the office in an effort to hide them from the fam. I mean, they are mine, no one elses. So there.

And one more product I love, Target's liquid medicine dispensing system- they have a little insert that they put in the top of the medicine bottle and you simply insert the dosing syringe, flip the bottle upside down, pull out the amount you need, flip the bottle back up, remove the syringe, and you are ready to go. Target pharmacists rock- I discovered that if you ask, they will even give you the inserts to put in your OTC meds. Yesterday I was at Target at lunch and The Wild Child's school called and asked if I could bring up some Motrin because she was being a carnivore and biting her friends, which we are pretty sure is due to cutting her 2 year molars. It was very convenient that I just happend to be at Target, because I picked up a bottle of generic motrin and headed to the pharmacy counter to ask sweetly for an insert and a syringe. That's pretty much the only place I will fill liquid meds now- even though I have to drag myself to the middle of the store to get the scripts, and I've really loved being able to do the whole CVS-drive-thru thing....


Kate said...

Me lovey Nutty Bars but I like the 2 for 1 packs cuz well I'm a piglet!

Kate said...

hee hee hee I just noticed this is your 69th says 69

Ok done with the juvenile least it wasn't duty (doody) I was giggling at.