Sunday, October 21, 2007

Technical help, please

OK, so I am a little technically challenged sometimes. I have an Ipod, and know how to do two things: upload songs from CDs in my possession, and buy songs from

Now how else can I put songs on there? Specifically, if there is a song I like but can't find on itunes, can I get it another way?

I am loving Katy Perry's Waking Up in Vegas and it would be awesome to run to.

Ashley, do you think Big Kid can give me some help?


ChriSpenceRachel said...

Within iTunes, under the File menu, there should be "add to library". Then just chose the file you want to add and it will be in your iTunes library. Then is should transfer to your iPod. If it doesn't, put the song into one of your playlists that goes on the iPod, then it definitely should. You can also use "import" under the file menu, though I think that's more for changing songs on CDs to .mp3s . Hope that helps!

clemsongirlandthecoach said...

I have no freakin idea. I love my iPod and even upload training things for work, but beyond that an iTunes I am stumped. Never really thought about it.