Friday, October 5, 2007

A Good Time Was Had by All

Well, we made it! This morning when The Politician woke up at freakin 5:30 am he asked me, "Momma, is Thomas going to be there today?" I said, "Yes, of course, I promise he will be there." All the while thinking to myself, surely there's no way I'm wrong again, and if so, someone should take my kids away cause I'm no more suited to be a parent than Britney.

He had an absolute blast and it was worth the $40 for the tickets, and the $14 t-shirt, $12 Diesel 10 train, and $14 picture. Gee, that turned out to be an expensive day- and yes, I spent more than I usually would because of my screw up yesterday.

By the way, I do not have an asymmetric haircut, one side is just sort of behind The Politician's head. Just wanted to make sure you all don't think I'm living back in 1984. But isn't The Politician the cutest thing ever?

ClemsonGirl, I am happy to report that there was no petting zoo. There was a temporary tattoo tent, but The Politician is against stickers and tattoos as a general rule, so that was off limits. There was of course, the aforementioned store, there was a big tent with lots of train tables set up with various tracks and trains, and several picture-taking opportunities. A weekday is definitely the way to go, even if I did have to take a half-day of vacation.

One last note, the workers were very bored-looking teenagers, and I am wondering if it was some type of community service project as a punishment for drinking, etc. Because they were so much more into texting on their phones than into making sure the kiddos had fun. Punks.
Edited to remove pic with me in it. That shirt totally made me look fat. Sorry if you missed it.

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Kate said...

Holy Hotness Mama - I think I love you more now....ummm not to sound totally stalkerish (too late) but do you live in KS?? We might be neighbors (realitvely speaking)

Kate said...

Because I'm an idiot, forgot to mention to little Pol is adorable

Sasha said...

No, I was just making a Wizard of Oz reference! Thanks for your sweet compliments!

Kate said...

Well stop confusing the shiznit out of me...with the whole SDC thing and KS reference I was ready to get in the car and find ya...cuz yea, THAT'S not stalking. I think I need help

Smoochiefrog said...

Yeah Kate, stalk much? :)

I'm glad ya'll had fun. When they get those excitedly happy moments it makes all the money we "blew" so worth it doesn't it?

clemsongirlandthecoach said...

Thank God there was no petting zoo, they have the grossest animals at the Thomas extravaganza...

You're hair is cute!


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