Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Anxious and Excited

In just a few minutes, I am leaving work to go to a consultation at a medical spa. I have some super-bad hyper pigmentation on my face as a lovely souvenir of my pregnancies and wacky hormones. My BFF is going to have "pixelating" or some such done on hers, and she suggested that I make an appointment too.

While there, I am also going to ask about:
  • These stupid deep lines that go from the edges of my nose to the corners of my mouth
  • Some sun damage spots from worshipping the sun for way too long
  • My indentation on the side of my face from forceps when I was born

So I am super excited because let me tell you, if you look closely, my skin looks way older than almost 34. And I was voted "Most Likely to Look the Youngest in 10 Years" when we graduated high school. I was also voted "Most Likely to Still Live in This Town", but I did get the hell out of Dodge, so there.

I did have fat transfer done about 6 years ago on my forceps indentation, but the doctor said one time probably wouldn't be enough. So I'll report back with what the doc says, and hopefully it won't cost a million dollars or anything crazy like that.

Edited to add: Well, evidently I have so much damage that I needed a "Photo Facial" rather than the pixel stuff. Basically, lasering off all the bad stuff. So $325 later and about 2 hours later (part of that was the wait time, not the procedure), here I am back at work looking like I am rather sunburned, and my skin kinda feel fiery. But they tell me that all the brown stuff will slough off and I will look radiant! That wasn't their exact words, but that's what I'm thinking. I totally should have taken a before shot, but you know DH can't take pictures, and every time I try to take one of myself I end up looking like an elf with a really big nose.

We decided to deal with the pigmentation stuff before tackling the lines and the dent. I swear I'm not going to go all Dr. 90210 on you, but I can totally see how whats-her-face (the porn girl on Dr. 90210) got addicted to plastic surgery. It's awfully nice to have someone tell you how pretty you are (yeah, you just want my $325) and how their quick and easy procedure is going to make you even prettier. Although I would draw the lines at Dr. Rey fondling my breasts and telling me how cute they are.

And if anyone is wondering about the pain factor, I'm not a good judge. After that failed epidural, I feel no pain. Seriously, if that was a 10 on the pain scale, nothing else I've ever experienced can even be a 1, that's how bad childbirth was. Not to scare you or anything if you are currently a pregnant mom-to-be, just be ready to raise some hell if you don't think it's working.


Kate said...

You are already beautiful!!!

Smoochiefrog said...

Hope it does what they say it's to do. I'm too scared of plastic surgery. Too many episodes of Nip/Tuck have me frightened to even walk in an office.

I just saw your old post on TV. I wasn't trying to copy, promise. I just got fired up yesterday after seeing Journeyman on the list.

Rebecca said...

You're totally going to let me know if that gets rid of the hyper-pigmentation! Since I had DD I feel like I'm wearing a Hitler mustache....only it's not hair, just the color of my skin there! I put super heavy sunscreen on it in the summer, try and tan the rest of my face to match, tried a lightening cream. Nothing.

Hubby says he can't see it, but I really think he's just being nice. Anyway, I'm desperate to make it o away!

Caffeine Court said...

They want me to do the photo facial (I think that's what it's called) too expensive. I might Botox my forehead though and get microdemabrasion. Some of my friends do Botox and Juvederm (Forehead and marionette lines.) They don't look weird-they look awesome-with no wrinkles.

Unknown said...

YES! Keep me posted on all of this. I really want to get the photo facial and some botox. I would also let Dr. Rey fondle my breasts even though he totally skeezes me out.