Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Learning Spanish

Periodically The Politician will share with me some stuff he learns in Spanish class. He goes everyday, and is actually picking up quite a lot. And Ms. Martha, his teacher, says his pronunciation is really good- and it's really cute too (that's me saying that part, although I imagine she thinks he is pretty cute too). When he was younger, he sometimes would learn the Spanish word before he learned the English word- the above picture being an example. He pointed to a horse and said "caballo" before he could say "horse".
So last night:
The Politician: says "Boom-ba" as The Wild Child is walking by
Me: Politician, don't call her names!
The Politician: Momma, it's not a bad name, it's Spanish!
Me: Hmmmmm..... What does it mean?
The Politician: Sister. And Boom-boo means brother.
Me: Really? I didn't know that.
The Politician: No, Momma. I'm just kidding! (and collapses into laughter)
So now it's kind like The Boy Who Cried Wolf... will I ever be able to trust The Politician's Spanish lessons again?


Kate said...

Sash! How does it feel to get the love and recognition this week??? do you get all warm and fuzzy inside? Did you ever find out exactly what the Politician was calling WC?

Sasha said...

I am dying! On cloud nine! It's like I just got asked on a date by my secret crush! I would call and tell Mr. Sasha all about my recognition, but I can't since he doesn't know about the blog....

And The Politician was just being silly- along the lines of "poo-poo head". He just hasn't learned that one yet!