Friday, October 26, 2007

Home from the casino a little poorer

But not because of the casino.... Actually, I won $40 cash in a door prize drawing at the conference, and I turned that into $63.10 on a penny "Shake Your Booty" machine. Yeah, yeah, it's only $23, but hey, the machine was fun. Except for that smarmy old man that I had to ask to step away because he was standing behind me peering over my shoulder blowing smoke in my face. Listen buddy, if Mr. Sasha does not allow me to smoke, then I just can't have smoke 2 inches from my face because it reminds me how much I miss it. Step away.

And technically, I'm up some other money because I'll get a nice check for about $250 for mileage and per diem. So...... when Mr. Sasha suggested we go shopping last night......

Guess where we went?????

Oh yes, my most favorite store ever. I wanted to check out a North/South bag that a salesperson told me about in Boston. I have specific purse requirements. I really like the lunch tote style bags, and I have a really small frame and non-existent shoulders, so most bags fall off my shoulders and that pisses me off. I need something that I had put on my shoulder and kind of hold on my back with my arm- it's hard to explain, maybe I'll take a pic for ya.

So I wanted to check out that bag. Turns out it would not work for me. But the lovely sales girl listened to what I was looking for and steered me towards.....

The Carly. Isn't she pretty? Mr. Sasha was none too pleased, but I totally threw it back in his face that shopping was all his idea. I would have been totally cool with staying at the hotel and watching The Office. (What did I miss BTW? I haven't gotten to see it yet.)

We also went to Pottery Barn Kids and got The Wild Child a precious pink and white gingham dress with a white peter pan collar for next Easter- half price. And a princess dress-up skirt for under the tree. She's all into "pretty" right now. Also found two casual shirts at Ann Taylor Loft- I love their petite department and can finally not look like I am wearing my big sis's clothes. So I had so much fun shopping!

At my favorite local store, Target, I found a kit to dress up your pumpkin. Have I told you that I am not at all artsy or creative, and carving a pumpkin would be a complete disaster that I'd abandon after about 15 minutes? Well, this kit was perfect for ADD me! And The Politician loved it and had a ball dressing up his pumpkin. And they are totally reusable, so expect to see this year after year. Cause I'm just that lazy.

So it's nice to be home. The kids were super sweet and lovey and missed us terribly, although my parents did a fab job taking care of them. Can't ask for much more than that.


Julie {Angry Julie Monday} said...

I love the Carly... I want the Carly in denim, but alas it's sold out.

I'm new to your blog. I like it! I will be back!

Traci Anne said...

Mmmmm, I love Coach... actually, thanks for reminding me to get my Gallery Tote cleaned! *laugh*