Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Go Ahead and Give Me That Award Right Now

I shut The Politician's fingers in the car door last night. I started to shut the driver door because I was going to turn around and get him in his car seat behind me, and he decided to climb up at just the wrong time and put his hand there to help himself up.
I saw it happening, almost in slow motion, and there wasn't anything I could do about it. Damn.
He cried of course, so much that Mr. Sasha heard from inside the house and came to see what was wrong. I was pretty sure that there was going to be blood or missing digits or something, but someone was watching over us and neither was the case.
After the promise of some ice cream, he calmed down and we went on to Sam's as planned to get some Cetaphil lotion, because I tried to get some at Target yesterday and they wanted to rape and pillage me and take my first born child- amazing how much they wanted for it.
So it was a little swollen, but he could make a fist and would even use his other hand and press on his fist to make it tighter. After I posted a query on the bargain board as to whether or not to head to the ER, we decided to give him some Motrin and wait it out.
This morning he seems fine, but is being a little careful with that hand. I told his teacher that his fingers got shut in the car door last night, and The Politician chimed in helpfully "Yes, Momma did it." Thanks for that P.
So I don't even think we need to question it or kid about it anymore, I am the worst mommy ever. I'll take that trophy and hide it in the closet, thank you very much.

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Traci Anne said...

Oh, everyone makes mistakes! At least you're not like my friend's older sister - when they were 2 and 5, the sister slammed my friend's finger in a door and sliced her finger clean off. She has a stub for a left pinky.

Doesn't that make you feel better? :)