Thursday, October 18, 2007

T shirts

I went yesterday to pick up my t shirt from a 5K I ran in a few weeks back, and I was really disappointed that it was a yucky color. It was kinda latte. Very blah. See, I'm trying to get more cool Ts in size small, because all I have from college are XLs.

I should tell you that I am 5'2" and very small framed. WTH was I thinking getting XLs in college? Every time we would have a sorority date party, I'd order 2 XLs: one for me and one for my 6'0" 185 pound football player boyfriend. You know that was the style in the early 90s- big Ts with the sleeves rolled up. Nutty. And ugly. Why didn't someone tell us? Wait, we also wore Mia shoes and cut-off daisy dukes, and Doc sandals. Crazy how much fashion changes in just a few years.

When I was a sorority advisor a few years back, at a pledge meeting they had the girls answer roll at the first pledge meeting by stating their t shirt size so they would have on record how many of each size to order. Out of 95 girls, all but one said "small", and one poor bigger girl sheepishly said "medium". She really needed a large, but was afraid to say it.

So here's hoping that the Junior Leaguers design better shirts for their run coming up. Surely there's some SAHM with a fashion degree with some time on her hands who can design it. Cute shirt.... cute shirt. Say it with me.

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