Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Cross Your Fingers

because The Politician says he will wear his costume today at school. He told me Monday that his costume was "only for Halloween day, and not for any other parties" which may explain why he voted no on Sunday. So we shall see. He did say that his friend D was going to be a "fire dog" (dalmation?) and they would walk together during the parade. I will let you know after Mr. Sasha lets me know, because I am stuck in a budget meeting this AM.

Poor Mr. Sasha, he had a load of stuff to drag to the school today.
  • Costume for The Politician (fire chief)
  • Costume for The Wild Child (kitty cat)
  • Cheese and crackers for WC's party
  • Lime sherbert for P's party (for punch? who knows) ($20 bucks that one is still sitting in the freezer at home.....)
  • Motrin and Sudafed for WC
  • Camera to take pics during the parade

I hate it when it's his day to take to school and there's lots of stuff to take. He's even more forgetful than me, if that is at all possible. I bet this morning involved turning around and going back home for something.......

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