Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Blogger ate my post

Last night I wrote the greatest post- seriously I was giggling it as I was typing because it was damn funny! Then I pressed "publish" and it was gone. Chewed up and eaten. Damn.

So I'll try again, but there are no guarantees that it will be as funny.

Last night Mr. Sasha was convinced that the kids needed to go to bed earlier than usual because we all needed to leave the house at 7 (!) to get to my work to get flu shots before the kids go to school. I was laughing inside at him because it totally backfired with The Wild Child and she fought it so hard that she was still awake 30 minutes after her regular bedtime. Mr. Sasha needs him some Lexapro I tell you.

The Politician and I had the following conversation while Mr. Sasha was trying to get The Wild Child to stop throwing her bunny out of her bed.

P: Momma, I am so hungry.

Sasha: Politician, there is no way you are hungry because you ate an entire Taco Puff, and drank a bunch of milk, and hey, you probably even had a million packs of smarties while daddy was playing bathroom barber and giving you a fresh buzz.

P: But Momma, I am sooooooo hungry.

Sasha: See, we are done eating tonight. No more food. It's almost bedtime.

P: That's what the weatherman said.

Sasha: What????

P: I don't know.

So is my son becoming the Michael Scott of our house, and was this his version of That's What She Said? Holy cow, maybe he has a career in comedy! But I don't really get it.....


Traci Anne said...

*laugh* I have this mental image of a mini Michael Scott, suit and all, blurting that out. Those one-liners will certainly help in his future campaign speeches :)

Smoochiefrog said...

Are you sure Blogger ate it? I've hit enter when I didn't mean to and found it under my list of posts as a saved one and not published. Check and see if it may be there. Just an idea.

Sasha said...

Tina! Damn- there it was! Although my post today was pretty much the same- no harm done I guess. Thanks for the tip- I will check there next time before re-creating!

Smoochiefrog said...

Great! Shortcuts, they're my way of life!

Anonymous said...

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