Saturday, October 20, 2007

Tales From Running

So it's absolutely beautiful in the mornings here right now, nice and cool with a breeze. Like about 50 or so. And I am so hot-natured, I love 50. So this morning I took off for a jog about 9:30 with my ipod on and it felt great.
It felt even better after I found a Coach charm like the one above, just not an "S". See, I live just at the edge of an older edition (about 30 years old), and our road connects to a brand new edition with homes that start around $500K- they are beautiful. So I run there because it's nice to look at them and think "God, how in the hell would I keep that clean, and how would I ever find my kids????" Anyway, I was jogging along when I found a Coach charm in the street! Obviously, someone was climbing into their Lexus or Jag or some such, and it fell off their purse. Now, I've mentioned before that I do carry Coach exclusively, because I think it's a really quality brand and I've carried them since my mom bought me my first one to carry to church when I was about 12. Except for that Dooney episode, which I will tell you about some other time.

There were no cars around at all, so I figured finders, keepers. Like I am going to go knock on doors on that street and ask. So I was all excited and spent my run trying to think of which friend to give it to since it wasn't an "S". I thought of some friends from college, some friends from work, even a friend from BBC. Then I started thinking of last names that began with that letter and adding even more friends to my possible list. It wasn't until I got into my own driveway that I realized... my own last name starts with the letter I found! So it's clipped to my cream bag and just looks adorable!

Big funny today: I was jogging along, listening to some Wakeland from back in the day, and I felt a car slowing down close to me. I thought "Great, some perve who wants to stare at me and this is totally not a neighborhood that this should be happening in." I glanced over and realized that it was Mr. Sasha, who had piled the kiddos in the Fan (family van) and was holding a red paper Coke cup out the window, yelling "Water stop! Water stop! Do you need some water?" just like in a race. Smart ass. But it did taste damn good.

One more thing, and I'll leave you alone. Don't think I am totally stupid, but I downloaded a song that was really fun to run to. Paris Hilton's Stars Are Blind. Yes, I know it's a talentless heiress who recorded it, and yes, I know it's from last summer and wasn't even cool then. But it is catchy and I love it! (to run to)

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justme said...

ok, that makes me very curious. i am going to have to listen to that song.