Saturday, October 27, 2007

30 seconds rocks

So I shaved 30 seconds or so off my 5K time and broke the 30 minute mark!!!!!! I had planned on running in this race this AM for quite a while, and was really excited to try to finish under 30 minutes and make a new personal best. However, I've had a bit of the cha cha cha since Tuesday and was unsure if running this AM would be a good decision. I've been through an entire pack of Imodium this week, and and super pissed off at whoever decided to put them in those Alcatraz-style blister packs that you have to cut open. At 3 AM in a hotel, I gotta tell you, scissors aren't handy. TG for fingernail clippers....

But I digress. So about 8:05 I decided to give it a whirl (after taking another dose of Imodium), picturing myself knocking on someone's door begging for a bathroom) and toss on some clothes and get in the car and drive like a bat because, good Lord, the race starts at 8:30. I barely made it to the race starting point with 2 minutes to spare. They had even moved the chip table. So I got my chip, tied it on, and pretty much started running. It was about 43 degrees, and Mr. Sasha convinced me that I needed to wear pants (my new Champion petite pants from Target!) and a jacket. After about a mile, I was mad at him because my legs were sweating, and I hate sweating.

So I shed my jacket, and had a super run, even though I had sweaty legs. My chip time was 29:30!!!!! Go me! And they had cinnamon crunch bagels at the finish line- score.

And I've felt much better today, so maybe a little exercise was all I needed to work that bothersome bug out of my system. Sorry if this post was TMI!

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Kate said...

WTG Sash!!!! I agree that sweating sucks, hence my intense dislike of all physical activities!