Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Sasha's Laminated "List"

Disappointingly, the kiddos did not do anything really funny or interesting yesterday, other than The Politician telling me that "the red paint just jumped up on his face" when I ask him what in the world happened at school to make him look like such an urchin child. One of my friends was doing a "picture party" on Monday night from 5:30-7:30, where a photographer comes for a few hours, and families come and go and have little 15 minute photo shoots. When my friend invited us, Mr. Sasha and I had a good laugh, because our kids look like they have been running around the trailer park all day and although we bathed them the night before, you'd never know it. Seriously, we can't go anywhere after picking them up from school because they look homeless.

Anyway, with all this talk of girls crushes, I thought I'd share with you my "List" of guys, a la Friends. You know, the epi where Ross tells everybody about his "list" and how he can hook up with any of these people should the opportunity ever present itself, and Rachel can't get mad.

1. Josh Lucas. Especially in Sweet Home Alabama. Now, I was going to put Matthew McConaughey here, but I couldn't easily find a hot pic of him, so Josh, you lucky dog you, #1 is all yours.

2. Michael Vartan. In Alias, and possibly in The Curve.

3. Matthew Fox. Mr. Sasha and I used to watch Party of Five, and he did not know that for me, it was all for Foxy. And now that's he's on Lost......

4. Chuck Wicks. Hot country singer from the TV show Nashville (which I just heard got cancelled, and I am so sorry Nashville cast, it is all because I was watching and really liking your shows).

5. Alex Van Camp. Did anyone else in the whole world watch Paradise Hotel? This is absolutely my favorite reality show ever, and he is just so adorable and totally someone I would have tried to hook up with in college.

So there's my list. Laminated. So if the opportunity should ever present itself, I am sure all five would be glad to know that I'm still available for them.

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Kate said...

so bizarre since this is what mr. kate and I were discussing the other night...I find it odd that he has a thing for blondes yet he's married to a redhead..but while we were discussing it, I was totally thinking the list