Thursday, June 28, 2007

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Can I tell you that it has been raining for weeks here? Actually flooding? And did you know that I live in a mid-western state that does get rain, but not THIS MUCH rain? I need my vitamin D -- I am staying somewhat depressed and tired without a daily dose of sunshine.

The upside is that our yard looks the best it's ever looked color and thickness-wise, but the downside is that Mr. Sasha doesn't like to mow too much, so it pretty much looks like the city is going to come put one of those lovely red "Mow your lawn now, or else" signs in it. And poor guy tried to mow last night, but it started monsooning about mid-way through. And my hair does not do well on wet days. That's the real issue you know.....

Monday, June 18, 2007

Hair Bands

So there's been a really awesome thread about hair band music on my bargain board recently. I just can't stay away from it. All the songs mentioned take me back to the day...... I myself posted a rather large list (why list 1 song when you've got 20 already on one of your own personal OCD lists?).

So, without further ado, the BBC Bargain Board Hair Band Song List (edited of course, just to include my own personal faves, soon to be on my ipod, just as soon as I find the time to get around to doing that.).

Hands Off, Junkyard
Ballad of Jayne, LA Guns
House of Pain, Faster Pussycat
Poison Ivy, Faster Pussycat
I’ll Never Let You Go, Steelheart
Love of a Lifetime, Firehouse
Don’t Treat Me Bad, Firehouse
Wait, White Lion
Here I Go Again, Whitesnake
Is This Love, Whitesnake
Once Bitten/Twice Shy, Great White
Talk Dirty to Me, Poison
Love Song, Tesla
Signs, Tesla
What You Give, Tesla
Home Sweet Home, Motley Crue
Down Boys, Warrant
Heaven, Warrant
I Remember You, Skid Row
Fly to the Angels, Slaughter
Close My Eyes Forever, Lita Ford/Ozzy
Beth, KISS
Reason to Live, KISS
Kiss Me Deadly, Lita Ford
Don’t Know What You Got, Cinderella
Gypsy Road, Cinderella
Fuel to Run, Love/Hate
High Enough, Damn Yankees
Sister Christian, Night Ranger
Fly to the Angles, Slaughter
Home Sweet Home, Motley Crue
November Rain, GNR
Patience, GNR
Sweet Child O Mine, GNR
Love Hurts, Nazareth
Mama I'm Coming Home, Ozzy
Goodbye to Romance, Ozzy
Wait for You, Bonham
Honestly, Stryper
Feel Like Makin Love, Dangerous Toys
New Thing, Enuff Z'nuff