Monday, October 22, 2007

Breaking Thru

So The Politician is making some changes. He was quite funny being as eccentric as he was, but damn, it was too complicated to keep up with all his little quirks. So I am glad to see some of them go.

1. He is going to wear a costume this year!!!! Score one for mom, because I found a fireman jacket that can be worn over street clothes (did we already talk about this?) so it's kinda a combo between not wearing a costume and wearing one. It has spats that you wear over your regular shoes too so he has assured me that he is cool with that too. Which is great because I've spent a small fortune on costumes over the past few years that have gone unworn because they have a flaw (scratchy tag, etc) that is beyond his ability to deal. Last year he worn a parrot visor to treat or treat at the businesses on campus and there were a few stores who looked like they didn't want to give him any candy because he looked costume-less (yes, he had a regular t and shorts on with the visor). Yeah, I know shopkeepers, I tried.

2. Last night I drug a million things out of his closet and asked him if I could try them on him because I need to weed out out-grown stuff because he is finally growing a little. At 4, he is 32 pounds and absolutely bony. Anyway, he told me that he would possibly agree to wear some track pants this year! ("Yeah, I think I could do that Momma.") Another score for mom, because in years past he has only worn jeans or khaki pants. Crazy kid- track pants rock and you've totally been missing out.

3. He has branched out and is finally eating something other than carbs, peanut butter, and chicken nuggets. I have convinced him to eat tostadas ("It's a big chip with beans and sauce!") and Mr. Sasha found that he will eat a Taco Burger. Surely you are familiar with Taco Burgers, but maybe they are regional? It's a hamburger bun with taco meat and cheese, minus shred for the Sasha family. I was pretty sure he was going to grow feathers because he ate so much chicken, but now we have two more dinner possibilities. Oh, and he ate a hamburger the other night! Now if I could just get him to eat fruit. There was an episode last year where I found myself holding him down on the ground trying to stuff a plum in his mouth, and I just decided that wasn't right.

The Wild Child is opposite, she's pretty much a fruititarian. She'll eat any fruit (and chicken nuggets), but will not eat any beef or veggies of any kind. Everyone is talking about this Deceptively Delicious book, but damn, I don't have time to make those purees. Seriously, where in the hell would I fit that in my schedule? Plus the smell of cauliflower makes me throw up.

So Saturday night I went back to my hometown for a wedding of a family friend, and since I have car-colepsy and have a tendency to fall asleep in the car whether I am a passenger or driving, I just stayed the night with my parents so I didn't have to drive after dark. Kinda nice, although that bed sucks and their new house makes all kind of crazy noises at night. They do have a pet skunk (no, not really a pet) that comes on the back porch at night and eats the crickets, so that's kinda cool. Also, mom made me Pepperidge Farm Apple Turnovers with powdered sugar on Sunday morning, so it was like old times, only I wasn't hung over, so it was even better.

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