Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Little Mr. Bossy

The Politician's teacher stopped me this morning and said she wanted to tell me about something that happend yesterday. I was all prepared for the "your son is stripping off all his clothes before he goes to the bathroom" speech, but instead, she told me the funniest story.

Today is the big field trip to the farm. Evidentally yesterday was all about preparing for the trip and discussing rules, etc.

Anyway, at some point yesterday The Politician gathered some of the kids up and wanted to go over everything to make sure they were all clear on the rules. So she said he stood there looking just like me when I have something important to say, pointed his finger at everyone, and said stuff like, "Now remember, during the field trip, you do not turn your listening ears off. We will all wear our blue shirt, and we will all ride in our car seats."

So the story goes that I was Little Miss Bossy when I was a kid (and my friends would probably tell you I still am), and it appears the he is following in my footsteps. I'm not sure if that is a curse or not, we shall see.

Since I am short on vacation days, Mr. Sasha is driving the van and taking 3 of The Politician's friends with them to the farm. I am crushed that I am going to miss out on this car ride, cause I imagine it will be hilarious. His little girlfriend A called last night (yes, they are 4) and they chatted about the trip for about 5 seconds, until he got tired of talking on the phone and handed it to me to continue the convo. Then A asked to speak to Mr. Sasha and chatted with him about it too.

I did send the (old) camera with Mr. Sasha, but he takes crappy pictures so I doubt I will have any to post for you.

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Kate said...

Now I see why you call him the Politician...he's got a real future as a leader. Does he get mad when you laugh at him when he's being all serious??? My Kell used to get so PO'ed at me but she was just so funny talking like a mini adult! What is it about husbands that they take such crappy pictures???