Thursday, August 28, 2008

Three Custom Color Specialists?

Has anyone ordered from Three Custom Color Specialists before? These are the people who re-create discontinued makeup.

My HG lippie is Origins Bite Your Lips in Just Bitten Raspberry - I loved it because it was MLBB (My Lips But Better - tm Makeup Alley) and it didn't run into the little lines around my mouth. It was discontinued a number of years ago, but I found it on TCCS yesterday and am thinking about having them make some for me.

Downside- it will be $61.50 for two tubes.

Now I love this lipstick- and I probably do love it $61 worth. (Don't you judge me!)


It's my perfect color. It puts me in a fabulous mood. It makes me feel beautiful. It makes the guys come running.

Not really. And I'm certainly not beautiful. I may be "cute", but not beautiful. I was voted "Best Looking" senior year of high school, but didn't have a prom date until about a week before. Guys just don't look at me that way. Phone calls I got from guys were always asking questions about other girls...

But with this lipstick, I can rule the world.


Joy said...

I dunno I am addicted to the Bath&body lip gloss

Multislacking Mama said...

You are beautiful. I'm sure your blindingly beautiful with that lip product. It's probably going to be too much for Mr. Sasha to handle on his own.