Monday, August 18, 2008

Chex Mix Bars

Y'all- the new Chex Mix Bars (Turtle flavor) ROCK!

I first read about them on Hungry Girl a few weeks ago (sign up for the emails!) and had been keeping my eye out for them. There they were at Sam's on Saturday so I picked up a giant box because Hungry Girl said I'd like 'em.

She was right!

These are only two WW points, and are both sweet and salty and truly delicious.

If you are on Operation Skinny Bitch like me, this is a perfect smart snack.

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Joy said...

Oh my I will have to check the grocery for these, sweet and salty YUMMO

morewineplease said...

NOW THIS LOOKS AWESOME!!! I may have to hunt some down today!

A.D. said...

I just bought some of these the other day...sooo good. The only downside is the super sticky residue it leaves on my fingers, but it is def. worth it!

Ashley Smith said...

the chocolate chunk ones are delicious as well!

Melissa said...

Those sound great!

MediMonsters said...

Those look so good!! Will have to pick them up on my next shopping trip. TFS

Jennifer said...

I haven't had this flavor...but the chocolate chunk ones are YUMMY!

Multislacking Mama said...

Thanks for the chex tip. I'm needing some snackish items as I'm taking the OSB to a whole nutha level.


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