Thursday, July 31, 2008

Kiss My Ass Hershey

It's been a super-crazy week, what with throw-up-fest going on and all, so I just now got to sit down and look through the CVS and Walgreens circulars to see what deals I can't miss out on.

And what do I find, but a new Hershey Kiss variety....

And it's "filled with Marshmallow", which just happens to be one of my most favorite sweet things evah.


Guess I'll have to stop by Wags tomorrow and pick some up. Will you all come over and help me eat them so I can get back on the road to healthy living faster?


FlowerGirl said...

Haha!!! Tell you what, you get a bag of those, I'll get a bag of the neopolitan hershey's the Sam's lady was passing out and I'll also get a bag of the coridal cherry Hershey's. We'll have one big Hershey's fest and get it over in say, a couple of hours?? We'll just drink Diet Cokes, that'll cancel it all out... Hershey's are SOOOOO evil... Everytime I think I have a fav, another new one comes out.

Sasha said...

Neopolitan? Stop the madness!!!!!

Your idea sounds fab, though!

C. Beth said...

Oh, I am SO there.

Just yesterday also saw Cookies 'n' Cream kisses. Mmmmm.... Wonder how many candy bars' worth I'd end up eating if I bought that bag of bite-sized goodness.

Kally said...

Oh my! Marshmallow now, I am in heaven!!! I thought the cherry cordial was the best but it may have a contender. Wish I was near I would bring the coconut, caramel, and cherry Hershey's I just purchased.

kolls said...

Holy crap. MARSHMALLOW?! Hershey's, you're killing me.