Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Lip of the Day: 07-22-08

Vincent Longo Pearlessence Gel Stains in Dolceaqua

Lip stains are absolutely my favorite type of products. For some reason I tend to focus on my lips when I am on a hunt for new products.

This stain is pearly (obvs) and so pretty and goes on really evenly and dries fast. It's a great summer color too.

But after I put in on today I remembered why I don't reach for it that often- a gloss topcoat just ruins it. On it's own, this stain has great staying power and is marketed as waterproof, but once you put on a gloss, it's over.

But my favorite part of a stain is being able to put a shimmery gloss on top.....

This stain dries to a basically undetectable finish, but I typically find that when I purse my lips, they stick together just a bit.

I do think I will wear this more since I re-discovered it, but am not sure that I'd buy again. It's just hard for me to not have on a glossy topcoat.

Edited to add: Well, I have lost my mind. I remembered that 15 Minute Beauty Fanatic did a review on this product, so I went back to read it, and she puts gloss on top! So I put a shimmery Lancome gloss on top about an hour ago, and it's fine! In that case, this lippie is totally back in the rotation!


Yellow Beads said...

I love minerals makeup too! And I have found good results with Tru Minerals. (check them out online!)

Lipstick said...

I am hooked on mineral makeup and blush too...but the L'oreal kind from the drugstore. Cheap but good (IMHO).

morewineplease said...

ok... so I was using MAC lipstain for a while and it dried the shit out of my lips, I was putting the MAC gloss on like every 10 minutes, but eventually my lips would start to peel... are they all that way, or I am just a freak>

Sasha said...

Hmmmm.... I've never tried the MAC stains... maybe it's just their product that your lips don't agree with?

I do switch products from day to day depending on whether my lips are dry or not. Some lipsticks looks terrible when my lips are a little bit dry.