Friday, July 18, 2008

Party Planning By Sasha

So I got a new Oriental Trading Party catalog today, and was flipping through to see if they had any Diego things I might need for P's party, and I came upon this, which would be perfect for Mamalicious's BLM's upcoming birthday party. (You know I'm a slacker mama who is all about the store-bought party supplies. Saves me time, saves my sanity. Saves some beer for someone else.)
How cute is that?

But then, I found this:

Rock Star!

Even better!

What do you think?

Note: These sets all come in individual pieces too. I don't want you thinking I'd spend $115 on plates and cups.

I'd spend it on gummy coke bottles or beer, but not cups and plates.


morewineplease said...

OH NO!! This art is going to be hard for me to copy for the card... you may have just got me in trouble OR created some very hard work for me!

Sasha said...

Uh oh. Not what I intended to do!

Julie {Angry Julie Monday} said...

Very cute things!!!

Unknown said...

I just found your bog off Ashleys Closet, love it! And seeing that pink pirate stuff makes me want a girl so bad. The boys stuff for parties just gets old. My vote is for the Pirates!

Lipstick said...

I vote rock star...since Mamlicious is rock star-ish!

Yellow Beads said...

I love that darn catalog!

Christen L said...

cute stuff.

To answer your question - yes, I'm running. I've stopped and restarted 3 times, but I'm doing it!! Even got a friend of mine on the band wagon. So keep me on the blogroll.... I'll even promise to try and blog more.

Kate said...

OOH! I need some of that pink pirate stuff for a friend's b'day party - thanks for the tip! And sure - keep me on the blogroll:) I took a bit of a break due to vacations and our move to CT (moving this Sunday - ahhhhhh!) but will be back shortly:)

Multislacking Mama said...

Love the Rocker Girl! Shannon has made me the most presh invites for the party! I will blog all about it.

I need your skills. How do I use youtube to post a vid on my blog? Holla at yo girl.

PS- Mimi bought an H3 today... that's how she rollz.