Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I Love It When

the stars align and my kids throw up on the Pergo instead of the carpet.

Much easier to clean up.

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AFRo said...

May the force be with you my child.

Joy said...

That totally made me laugh!

I have resorted to putting puppy piddle pads on the floor beside sons bed. He is TERRIBLE still at the age of 6 about not getting out of bed to throw up

Ashley Smith said...

hang on...hopefully it is a 24-48 hour bug. My company has a product called Consume that will get the throw up stain/smell out of the carpet. Let me know if you need a is also great for potty training :) you can go to grimsleysinc dot com, then catalog, then put in consume and read about it

Yellow Beads said...


Kally said...

Poor WC. I hope she feels better soon. AND Poor Sasha for having to clean up the mess! Yuck.

Jill said...

The little victories of mommyhood.


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