Wednesday, July 16, 2008



I forgot how much I hate flying. I am the worst passenger evah.

The second I walk through the doors at the airport, I say, "I feel sick." Mr. Sasha does not think this is funny, but I certainly am not trying to be funny- I'm totally serious.

During take off and landing, my face turns beet red and I start sweating and I feel like I might explode. I have to toss my reading material into Mr. Sasha's lap and put my head between my knees. I also have to moan a bit and grab on to his arm and whimper and do the whole cycle again, until the feeling is gone.

It's quite a sight. And it's not that I am scared of flying, cause I'm not, it just makes me sick.

The lady next to me today offered me a Dramamine.

I would have preferred a Phenergan, but I didn't have any on me, plus I'm no good for hours after I take one.

Anybody else a terrible flyer, and if so, what do you do about it?


Anonymous said...

I've only flown once and it was 10 years ago but I'll be flying again in a few weeks and I'm a bit nervous. I have no idea what I'm in for. It's just a trip for a weekend and I really just want to carry on my luggage but I'm a bit worried about all the new rules.

I have no advice obviously but since I dropped by I thought I'd say hi.

Anonymous said...

My grandma had to get rip roaring drunk in order to fly.

Me on the other hand, I love to fly.

Kally said...

I flew recently and made sure I remembered to take a paxil the night before to try to prevent anxiety on the airplane. I was kind of freaked that I might throw up so I didn't eat anything before and just sipped some ginger ale during the flight. After reading what smoochiefrog said I might try her grandma's method next time.

Jill said...

I know exactly how you feel. I used to suffer the same way, until I had to fly weekly for a job I had. All of a sudden one day it all went away and I've been fine flying ever since. But I still get woozy when I ride in the car or even swing at the playground with my son. Go figure.

Stephanie said...

I have decided that the uncomfortable queasiness I have while flying is outweighed by wherever I am going for vacation or to see family. It does seem worse on the way home though- cause you are just going home!
I do get way more sick in cars than flying.

My REAL thoughts... said...

Try asking your MD for some Ativan (Lorazepam). Usually they prescribe it for the anxiety associated with flying, but in the Oncology unit I work on, we use if for nausea and it works really well. Traditional anti-emetics don't always help chemo patients because the nausea is so severe, but when Ativan is added it usually helps a lot. I would recommend trying it once when you are not flying to see the effect it has on you, in case it makes you really sleepy. Usually they prescribe 1 mg, but you could cut it in half or even 1/4 if you needed a lower dose. Make sure you take it at least one hour before your flight so it has time to work.

I get nauseous (never to the point of vomiting) when flying and have found that eating something small before flying helps, as well as having something to eat or drink with me on the plane. I use it as my excuse to eat constantly on a flight, but it really does seem to help me.

Julie said...

My friend Mary takes Ativan and Xanax, so she is lots of fun to be around when she gets off the plane...especially if she had some beverages on really is quite funny!

Life, Love And Lola said...

I have a double bloody mary before getting on the plane. It calms me and usually puts me to sleep.

Yellow Beads said...

OMG YES--I did a few posts on this back in May. HATE IT HATE IT HATE. I get sick and dizzy so now I get panic attacks. I take Xanax on the few occasions I must fly.

Multislacking Mama said...

I don't get this way because I over-medicate. Attivan does not even touch it for me. I need a Xanex and a beer. But I can't drink beer on the plane because I have to pee.

The instant I get on a plane, my bladder goes into psycho mode. Even if I empty my bladder RIGHT before I board, the second I sit in my seat and buckle my belt I have to pee. If I get up to pee before we take off, I will still have to pee during the flight. Even if the flight is short from OKC to DFW.

I almost wrote a complaint to AA for their lav smelling like an outhouse. Seriously. It smelled like a man had pizzed all over the walls. I felt like I was at the state fair of Texass in a port a potty.

Sorry for the long comment!