Saturday, February 16, 2008

I Clean A Little, WC Un-Cleans A Little

So I'm in my bedroom, using the vacuum (my mom's old Electrolux, which rocks by the way) and WC runs off saying "Yikes!"

I just keep on vacuuming.

All of the sudden she runs in, saying "Toe!" and pointing to her toe. I think she's hurt her toe somehow, but she says, "Come on, Momma" and takes my hand, so I follow her.

Outside of my bedroom, I can see the pantry door open. On the other side of that open door I find........

I guess she got some corn flakes stuck on her toe. Now, that's a major problem that we certainly must deal with now!


Traci Anne said...

*laugh* Oh, that's fabulous.

Anonymous said...

Two words: Higher Shelf


Matthew said...
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London said...

LMAO! Sorry I was signed in as my DH! I'm myself now! (You wouldn't mind deleting that comment would you?)

Anonymous said...

Ha! That WC was put in your life to really mess the cleanie in you. I love that you took the time to photograph for all of us.

By the by, the scanner at my office wouldn't work and I didn't get our photos scanned yet. Should I call the Service Desk and tell them to come fix it pronto as I have old pictures to scan in?? I think so.