Monday, February 4, 2008

Gotta Make Sure and Check My Answering Machine Today

in case Regis and Kelly call me.

From the Beautiful Baby Search webpage:

Potential semi-finalists will be notified by telephone during the week of February 4, 2008. Three (3) attempts will be made to contact the potential semi-finalists. If contact with potential semi-finalists is not made within three (3) days potential semi-finalist will be disqualified and an alternate will be selected, time permitting.

It's actually perfect timing, because I have a haircut scheduled for her tomorrow, so she'll look all fab for her appearance on their show next week. Wonder what we should wear?

Oh, Traci, if we get invited to NYC, let's meet up! Would you watch the kids so that Mr. Sasha and I can take in a show?


Traci Anne said...

If by "watch the kids," you mean "teach WC to give me a manicure and Politician how to make mama a margarita" ...then yes.


Sasha said...

Yes, that's exactly what I meant!