Monday, February 11, 2008

Just Another Manic Monday

Poor Wild Child has a stomach virus, so we are tag-team parenting today. I'm at work this AM, but going home at noon so Mr. Sasha can go do some recruiting. Mr. Sasha just called because he is watching Regis and Kelly and WC was not a finalist. I told him I already knew that, but he was still holding out hope. He said 5 of the kids weren't all that and WC was definitely cuter than them.

Also, a little bit ago, WC managed to get ahold of Mr. Sasha's blackberry and not only called me on my cell, she also called my office number. Don't know how a 2 year old does that, but I may just have a technological guru on my hands.

I am planning a Sephora order in my head because there was a whole section devoted to lip stains in the new catalog I got Saturday, and I LOVE lip stains. I'll let you know what I decide.

Someone asked about DSW. It's a shoe warehouse that just opened it's first store in our state. Maybe Discount Shoe Warehouse? Don't know, but my three new flip flops are Tommy Hilfiger and cute.

Also, someone mentioned that it won't be flip flop weather where they are for a few months. See, here's the nutty thing about where I live. It can be 80 one day (Saturday) and then 24 the next (Sunday). Really. We were out in shorts on Saturday afternoon, and today we are going to get freezing rain (frain). So I should have quite a few flip flop days mixed in with my snow boot days.

I also just got an email that I won an ebay auction for some Croc Capris in khaki/pearl! Yay! I have the brown/pink and LOVE them. Mr. Sasha hates when I say I won an auction. He says you're not much of a winner if you have to pay someone....

So that's what up with me. How's things with you?


A.D. said...

I have the same Crocs flip flops in the khaki chocolate and they are my favorite, most comfortable flip flops I own. I can't wait for it to be flip flop season again so I can wear them! Love the Tommy flips...too cute.

Mandalynn said...

I'm going to need to check out ebay for those Crocs...I stalked Shoebuy last summer waiting for them to have my size with no luck. I'm on Ebay for everything else so I don't know why I didn't think of it for those.
Anyway, if you've got wacky weather, I figured you must live in the Midwest. I've lived in three midwestern states, and I'd say Missouri has the worst of the wacky weather. Which do you live in?

Anonymous said...

DSW stands for Designer Shoe Warehouse, just in case you were wondering.

Sasha said...

I am terrible at geography, but I do know that our college football is on Fox Sports Southwest, so I think maybe we are more in the SW than the midwest.... I promised Mr. Sasha that I wouldn't come right out and say where, but I've slipped a few times and it's definitely figure-out-able!