Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Work it Out Wednesday

All right, all right. I'll get on board with Ashley's New Life Plan: Rough Draft.

When I first read her blog post about her New Life Plan, here's what I said:

Shit. Are you serious? I can't find a legal pad in this mess. I do have pens, lots of them. All over. Maybe I can just write it in Word on the computer. But can this be co-related to making my kids behave and making WC stop biting? Can I do NLP: Raising My Kids Better At Home So That Daycare Doesn't Kick My Kids Out? That's my biggest concern right now. Lexapro has taken care of the rest.

Anyway, I thought about it overnight and I imagine it would be good for me to attempt the program. I can certainly use some self-improvement.

Today is Work it Out Wednesday, when you are supposed to "solve big problems like organizational dilemmas and annoying shit like taxes and important phone calls."

In the annoying shit category, here's my plan for WIOW: Stop eating crappy. I am starting right now, at 9:35 AM. I say that because it was just an hour ago that I washed down my breakfast of yogurt with 5 girl scout cookies. And a handful of Skittles. And it's annoying to me that I have to stop eating crappy, because I really love it. It's just a hassel to have to eat health-ily. So I think it totally qualifies as annoying shit. Why can't I be 16 again and eat and drink whatever I want and not gain a pound?

So there you have it- my plan for WIOW. I'll let you know how it goes. Taxes and important phone calls are put off until next week- is that OK?


clemsongirlandthecoach said...
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clemsongirlandthecoach said...

Ha ha ha. Get off your arse and get some work done. And really? Skittles? G-ross. I picked up some 90% off Dove darks today at Super T, want some?

Multislacking Mama said...

By all means, put off those annoying phone calls for as long as possible. I made plenty of progress on WIOW for the both of us. Actually, the whole team of us. I can't possibly imagine why I worked so hard today. I'm usually very against it.