Friday, February 1, 2008


Just a reminder..... I'm not the Sonic girl below.

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Traci Anne said...

Aww :)

CRAP, I just remembered I didn't use Ebates when I ordered from Old Navy yesterday!

I thought you'd sympathize.

Also, y'all are super cute :)

A.D. said...

Much cuter than Sonic girl!!!

Melissa said...

You're so cute! I agree, MUCH cuter than the sonic girl!

Julie {Angry Julie Monday} said...

Much hoter than Sonic gal!

Kate said...

Great picture of you & the kids! & I agree, MUCH cuter than the Sonic girl:)

Sasha said...

Awww... thanks for stroking my ego at bit today!

Kate said...

I'm late on the ego stroking but you know I think you are Hot Stuff anyways...that's a darling breed some cute midgies!!!


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