Monday, February 4, 2008

Ebates Double Bonus Offer

Ebates if having another Double Bonus Offer, good through Feb 14. Through, you'll get $10 (and so will I!) instead of the normal $5. (My address for the email box is sasha2599 at yahoo dot com)

Now would be a great time to sign up if you haven't already- I've made over $285 since I started using ebates for my normal internet shopping.

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Ashley said...

what is ebates?

Sasha@BarelyKeepingItAllTogether said...

Ashley, if you register at ebates and then start there for all your online shopping, you'll earn rebates for your purchases. Like between 3-10% for shopping at places like Sephora, Gap, Old Navy, Eddie Bauer, etc. It rocks.

Email me if you have more questions!

Ashley said...

wow great.. I think I may need to sign up. No strings?

Sasha@BarelyKeepingItAllTogether said...

No strings. You give them no cc info- just your mailing/email address. They send you checks every quarter. Seriously, I have made over $284 with rebates and referrals.


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