Sunday, February 3, 2008


I am getting a Sweetheart Blast for lunch.

Just figured I'd let everybody know.

It's just that good.

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Traci Anne said...

Well, good :)

I think I'm having a crapload of pineapple for lunch tomorrow. And possibly breakfast. LOVE IT.

Anonymous said...

does your sonic have happy hour from 2-4? half price drinks! lucky me there is a sonic right next to my little dudes pre-school! pick up is at 2:30...just enough time to drink it down before i pick him up so i don't have to share!

love reading your blog!

Sasha said...

Not sure about the happy hour- I am stuck at work at that time. I'll check that out though, because I could always move my lunch hour to 2 if it meant half price Sweetheart Blasts!

And ya'll, I'm eating it right now and it is sooooo good!

Jennifer said...

Well good for you!..said sarcastically and with jealousy while I am sitting here eating vegetable soup...yum..yum..yuck!

Anonymous said...

Ooooh, I totaly forgot about those! I had them last year and LOVED THEM! Too bad I'll ave to break my diet to eat one! Oh well, it's worth it, right? I'll weigh-in in the morning and eat one of those for lunch. Mmmm... my mouth is already watering...


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