Monday, February 25, 2008


Check out these fierce (a la Christian on Project Runway) shoes that I got at Nordstrom! I love them and can't wait to wear them.

More later on my Sephora purchases.... if you are interested. Let me know if you'd like to hear about my Lip Stain Purchase Extravangaza 2008!

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Hair Girl said...

My first thought when I saw the picture was "OOOOOOOH, those are fabulous!" Love the bow.

Rachael said...

I would say they are more fab than fierce. But either way...I covet.

Melissa said...

I love those shoes and I would like to hear about your Sephora order!

Rebecca said...

Dear Sasha

Please stop posting pictures of your shoes. We have the some taste, and everytime you post shoes, I want to buy shoes. I most likely would not be able to walk in those shoes, and I certainly can't afford them....but now I want them anyway.

If you have to post pictures of awesome shoes you find, please post some that will go with the brown taffeta bridesmaid's dress that I haven't found shoes for, so that I can at least justify the purchase.


Lori said...

Cute shoes, but what I really want to know, is how is the whole running thing going for you. I have been browsing through your blog and cant find a recent update.

Anonymous said...

Yea for new shoes!! You know what's funny? I had forgotten about them and now I'll be searching my front porch for them everyday until mine get here. Yippeee!! Oh, and I'm in love with my coach keychain... I'm so totally organized now, I can always find my keys! And yes, bring on the makeup reviews! (I still have $ left on my Sephora giftcard!)

Traci Anne said...

I'm totally in love with those shoes. Post the stain review on AMLG! Baby's back in action!


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