Monday, March 8, 2010

Paging a Decorator

I need some help, y'all. Yesterday my good friend Elaine posted about her darling ideas for her little girl's new bedroom, and I just died looking at all her fabulous ideas. She is so talented!

And I got a little sad. See, I'm no decorator. I have no style. I have no ideas. So here is where you can help.

Do you have any ideas on something to spruce up my bedroom? We just repainted over the ugly mint green that had been on the walls when we moved in almost 10 years ago. (Shut up.) It's now a nice neutral taupe and it looks so much better and I absolutely love it!

But we need something over the bed and something above the nightstands. I have seen all the adorable decals people are doing on their walls, but note that our walls are very textured and not at all smooth, so I don't believe those will work.

Here is a close-up of our bedding.

Any ideas for me? Links, online stores, easy stuff I can pick up?



Cornelia said...

I hope you get lots of ideas. I am no help because the wall behind my bed looks like yours. Our walls are very textured too so decals don't work for us either.

Tiffany said...

I am no help either. I think Elaine should come and decorate all of our houses. She always has such fabulous ideas :)

Caren Drink said...

What is your style (traditional? Modern?) and are you set on the bedding or do you want something new?

Caren Drink said...

Ripoff this design board from Young House love:

Your furniture is already the right colors, and just leave your wall color beige. If that is the look you are going for...

Natalie said...

You could always hang a grouping of pictures of you & your husband behind the bed. At one time, I had 3 matted & framed 8x10's of us at different points in our relationship on the wall.
Have you seen the circle type art people use knitting cirlces for? I did this for my daughter's room & it turned out very cute.
I also think this one would be cute for behind a bed.

You could always do a large mirror with wall sconces.

sprinkles said...

I saw a really pretty wall border in some picture a long while back that I really wanted. I finally found what I wanted only it was in a different color but I was still thrilled and bought it. A year or two went by and I finally got around to putting it up. I had thought 2 rolls would be fine because my bedroom isn't THAT big! Well, I was wrong. I still had a whole wall left over it might not have been so bad had I not started in the middle of the wall! Went back to the store and of course after all that time they didn't have it in stock anymore and couldn't even backorder it. I was sooooooooo disappointed! But I figured that no one ever goes into my bedroom but me so I'd just leave it as is. Several months pass by and a good portion of it has either or is in the process of falling down. My walls are overly textured too!

So I guess I'm saying in a overly wordy way that I have no advice either. Maybe find a big picture that you and hubs both like and put that above your bed?!

Special K said...

Actually your bedding reminds me of the more homey line of IKEA things. Pick thee up an IKEA catalogue and turn to the pages with a bit more frill, a bit more floral, and a bit more sweet. So much fun to be had!

Anonymous said...

Cute quilt, but it is a LOT of pattern. Suggestions:

1. Get a plain (cream or beige) blanket or coverlette and spread it on the bed under the quilt. Fold the quilt in thirds and drape it across the bottom of the bed. Get some large Euro Shams and pillows (big square ones) to match the blanket/coverlette and place them behind your current pillow shams. This will break up the pattern and give you nice layers of texture on the bed.

2. Find 3 photos you love (of the kids, sunsets, flowers, whatever gives you peace) and frame them with large white mats and light coloured frame and place them above your bed, 3 across.

3. Alternatively get a cool round or sunburst mirror and place that above your bed, and then 2 nice organic (flower.plant/leaf type)photos (not the same, just similar in theme) and frame like above in suggestion #2 them and put one above each side table.

Have fun!

Sasha said...

I appreciate all the replies!

Caren Drink- I don't know that I have a "style"! Isnt't that terrible? I would like to keep the bedding. Thanks for the link- I will check it out.

Natalie- thanks for the ideas and links- I love using photos. I'll check those out.

Special K- I WISH we had an IKEA here! I'll check online though.

Anon- great ideas! I'll add that to my list.